Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vixx Has Returned As Christian Grey?

If you are anything like me and other fans-girls you love a little Vixx. We ain't talking no vapor action here. We are talking about a band that is known for taking each of their albums concepts to the next level. And this new album seems to be no different.
Prior to this there was Voodoo. I adored Voodoo. The concept was just right to make the band stick out from the slew of other Kpop groups at the time. Think: Lady Gaga meets Marilyn Manson with a little fashion, hot dance moves, pouty lips and a gob of gore.
However, some dance moves in the videos for their Voodoo album made the viewing limited in South Korea. The first reason that comes to mind is the stabbing motion in Voodoo Doll's synchronized dance. It proved to be too much for some audiences and gave the guys an 18+ rating. Click here to watch Voodoo Doll.
What are your thoughts on the video?
This time around it would seem the band is going full BDSM(Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submissive) or Fifty Shades. The new album comes complete with a submissive contract. Yeah, you read that right. Now you can be Vixx's very own Anastasia Steele. Several fans have tweeted about it and included video/pics of the contract. Somewhere I can hear the Ajummas screaming in joy as a Kpop band merges with their all time favorite novel. 
Pretty cool right? But it leaves me wondering..... With the contract and the fact that Vixx are known for taking their shit seriously, why is the video so... safe? Especially considering that the contract is taking it this far. 
I am hoping a riskier video will be released with extra footage. I want Vixx to take the road they always take. So I can only wait. 

Here is the full BDSM contract:
The purpose of this contract is to:
1. To define the relationship between you and me is fully mutual
2. To define the feasible responsibilities and obligations that you and I should perform
3.  To define the detailed emotional expressions between the two mutual parties and to support the love and understanding of each other. Also, setting forth of the love in detail and the master and servant relationship.
I fully read and understand the contents of this agreement and I sign this document entirely of my own accord without any enforcement.
I accept the under this agreement, I am your love slave.
I will sing and dance the best I can do for your happiness and I will comfort your heart when you are depressed and sad.
I will make the best effort and do my utmost to satisfy you in every moment.
I also fully understand that there is no way to terminate this agreement. 
name-date-term of agreement
I fully read and understood the contents of this agreement. I will make my best effort to maintain your happiness and safety, and I will always think of you only. As long as you are mine, I will grieve when you are in danger or pain, I will pray the moment of victory and happiness of you to last forever. I fully understand that I cannot terminate this agreement without mutual agreement. 

What do you think of the new video? Of the contract? Have you read Fifty Shades?Is this taking it too far? Or are you yearning for more?

While you are on this wavelength.. there are some pretty interesting theories out there about the concept of the music video. Click here to read a Tumblr post that I think nailed it!

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