Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lee Min Ho & A Golden Retriever Will Melt Your Heart

And certainly heat up Winter and Fall this year.
In this collabration and sort of commercial Lee Min Ho frolics with a cute puppy amongst beautiful scenery. My question to you: Who is cuter?

Here is a making of video that's even better!
My answer: the one with the dimples. Min Ho is dreamy, care-free and absolutely adorable in the video. Some of the scenes when the dog makes him laugh seem unscripted, creating a charming story that is sure to make ajummas swoon worldwide.

What do you think of Lee Min Ho's newest venture? Do you  miss him as much as I do in dramas?

Meanwhile I will just sit here and watch this on repeat.


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    1. Yeah. Hahaha I am working on some new stuff. But my creativity had a good little break. Now I am back in action.