Thursday, November 12, 2015

EXO & Star Wars Collide to Melt Your Face Off!

This pic if from WizardCon: My friends and I cosplayed as female version of Star Wars icons. Starting from the left: Me as Female KLuke Skywalker, center Abby Brechner as Female Darth Vader, and to the right Tashi.Momo as Female Yoda. Below is all three of us.

This year has been a pretty big deal for Star Wars fans. In case you have been under a rock, you already know about the new film set to release later this year. And you know how secretive JJ Abbrams has been about anything being leaked from the film. Some fans were even worried about new toys hitting the market spoiling plots and giving away who the villain truly is. 

Then you have me over here... avoiding all the media so that everything is super new to me when I line up to see the movie December 18th. I have tickets already to an Imax theater. Call me a nerd if you want to, but I am proud of my geekiness. 

So what does all of this have to do with my Hallyu obsession? Nothing, absolutely nothing... Until last night.

EXO released a short collaboration project called Lightsaber. I was flabbergasted.  I didn't know what to think of the video at first. I was so worried that it was a fake video, or that the guys were just paying homage to the films. Boy was I wrong.

It turns out in avoiding all media about the new film, I was missing out this teaser:
A teaser showing that the film has a Kpop Partnership. With this partnership alone EXO has the biggest ever album sales in one week in America. Congrats guys. Click here to read all about it.

My world's are finally colliding. I am glad that a partnership to promote the film can happen without pop music being thrown into the actual movie. Just imagine the orchestral score that Star Wars is known for being replaced completely. Boo to that. I want the impressive moody tones and a separate pop song or two. I want it all.

So lets just sit back, relax, get the popcorn and watch some EXO.
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