Monday, May 4, 2015

Kdrama Releases May 2015 (with downloadable desktop calendar)

Okay..... So Producers was put on hold in April but it is set to debut in May. So bring it on May! Show us what you've got. 

May 4th
Bird That Doesn't Cry - tvN
Slated to be a romance and airing in the 100 range of episodes. This drama isn't quite my cup of tea. If you however love revenge stories then this show could very well be for you. It is the story of a daughter seeking revenge on a woman who took her mother away from her. Oooooo. 
It stars: Hong Ah Reun and Oh Hyun Kyung.

May 8th 
Ex-Girlfriend Club - tvN
 This drama looks like a load of fun. It has a great cast: Song Ji-hyo, Byun Yo-Han Lee Yoon-Ji and Jang Ji-Eun. It is about a young women who has been set to produce a film based on a popular webtoon. The webtoon is about a boys ex-girlfriends. Only thing is... She is one of those ex-girlfriends and now has to put up with her Ex, and all his other Exes. Yikes.
May 11th
Protect the Family - KBS
This drama will center around the duties of a family thorugh the children and the parents. It stars Lim Chae-won.

May 13th 
Warm and Cozy - MBC
 Also known as Jeju Island Gatsby this drama is a romance that will be 16 episodes long. It tells the story of a man and a woman who escape to Jeju Island. It stars: Yoo Yun Suk and Kang So Ra.
May 15th
Producer - KBS
This is going to be one of those hit dramas. I can already tell. Mainly because it is the return of Kim Soo-hyun. You know... that dreamy guy from the hit drama My Love Who Came From the Stars. yeah, that guy. Plus he is with an all star cast. So it is sorta a big deal.
Orange Marmalade - KBS
 A vampire drama! Not only a vampire drama, but a drama based on the popular Webtoon on LINE Orange Marmalade. I love this webtoon. You can download the app to read it for free for both Android and IOS.

May 18th
A Daughter Just Like You - MBC
A home shopping channel host with three daughters encounters some ups and downs with her newest in-laws. It stars L Kim Hye-OK and Lee Soo-Kyung.

No Set Release Date
Mask - SBS
 With no release date little is really known about this drama. It will air right where The Girl Who See Smells ends. It will center around a young girl going through a hard time. She soon starts to live her life as another girl who she looks like that is wealthy. A rich heir in the family business soon takes notice of her, because she is unlike all the other wealthy women in his life.

Masked Prosecutor - KBS
Or the Man in the Mask is all about a righteous prosecutor. He wears a mask and sets about to right the wrongs that the law has neglected. It stars Joo Sang-Wook from Birth of a Beauty. 

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