Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My G-Dragon Surprise

Everyone was urged to do Aegyo.

My birthday was Sunday, April 26th. So Monday returning to my job I wasn't expecting anything,   my special day had already passed and I just took an epic vacation. I arrived into work and my workspace was decorated really nicely with Happy Birthday balloons and banners. I was good with a chill day with no big birthday celebration. Especially after the week of vacation in Maui and the conventions I went to this weekend too(pictures to come). 

During our morning meeting we were told about a mandatory meeting after lunch. I thought nothing of it really. I guessed it would just be a random meeting about recent changes that possibly happened while I was gone.
Notice all the guys with the TOP hair and eyeliner?

On lunch I went to the park with my boyfriend Joe, whom I work with, we were running late getting back. He told me to relax.. being a little late never hurt anyone. Especially since we're never late. Then our Boss texted him! I started to panic that we were SO late for this meeting that everyone on our team was waiting on us. I personally am never late, I consider it rude and was super worried and stressing the whole ride back to work. I didn't even clock back in, in order to make it to the meeting earlier by like 3 seconds. Hahahahahahaha. 

There was no meeting! 

It was a surprise party! I walked into a room full of people dressed like Kpop stars and everyone of them wearing G-Dragon's One Of A Kind shirt.  I was so taken back I hugged everyone! And I'm not a hugger. HAHAHAHAHA. The surprise and my reaction were caught by my good friend Lacie on her phone. The idea for a G-Dragon came from Taylor, who is on the party planning crew at my office... who it just so happens is now an avid Kpop fan, thanks to yours truly. Hahahahahaha.

This shot is my fav.

This post is to thank everyone who made my birthday amazing.  I owe each of you a spam musubi.... and maybe another hug. Thank you for letting me remember how awesome my job is, how caring my coworkers/friends are and just how fabulous life and all things G-Dragon are.

Witness it all go down!

Everyone brought in Korean snacks. Most of which I had not tried before. All of them were amazing! As you can tell from this picture... cause everything is open. 

Regina gifted me with this awesome basket all of things necessary to survive the FEELZ.


  1. My planner was very helpful. The party planner attended tastings and vendor walkthroughs with us, and helped me create an incredible style board. She offered stellar vendor recommendations for everything from makeup artists to the band.

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