Monday, April 27, 2015

KCON is Now BiCoastal!? Holy Moley!

So I go away for a week and so much has went down!

We already knew KCON was expanding to 3 days...... But now KCON is going to be held in August in both NYC and LA. WHAT! I knew that KCON had gotten quite a bit larger than the previous 3 years it has been held, but who would have guessed that they would be bringing it to both coasts. So all my friends up in NYC can totally stay at home and casually ride the subway to an amazing concert instead of hopping an expensive plane ride or just being sad that they couldn't go in general.

This is a brilliant idea. I am very excited to see what else they have in store for this years convention. If this plan has revealed anything else to me it's that they are listening to how unhappy fans have been previous years. I hope they go all out and make us completely overwhelm ourselves on FEELZ.

Watch this teaser to get super pumped.

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I am hoping that they have some amazing groups lined up and more drama-centric flavored things for us to do at the convention itself. And depending on who is playing where, you could buy a ticket to either city..... You know, if you happen to be Scrooge McDuck wealthy. 

Who do you wanna see there?

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