Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Big Bang Comeback? Yes, please.

I feel like me and this image just starred at each other for forever
If you are anything like me you were glued to this screen for a while yesterday. I even had my coworkers and boyfriend counting down with me on the clock. Everyone was on pins and needles. 
 We look like we are working really hard right... (From Left: Me, Joe my BF and Taylor who is a huge TOP fan)

We all know Big Bang was rumored to be releasing a new album in April 2015. But news sites reported that the comeback was rescheduled and pushed back to possibly May or later. Ugh, as a fan we have waited three long years for one of the biggest Kpop groups in history to reemerge looking fantastic, baby, and with a ton of swagger. So what was a couple more months, right?

Then YG put up the countdown timer and told us to wait to see who was going to have a comeback next. Would it be iKon or would it be Big Bang? Unknown to YG, yesterday, I am sure they know by now, a dancer posted a "spoiler" on Instagram that had my stomach in knots: "B**B***?". It doesn't take much to fill in that blank. 

So once the countdown timer finished we were slammed with this image...

What does it mean? 
Everyone is speculating like crazy as to what those dates mean. For right now YG has released information about a World Tour that will start in Seoul on April 25th. The performance will include 3 NEW SONGS. And some "colorful new arrangements of old favorites". 

That's all the info we have right now. We are left to ponder in agony about what will come next.

I have read some pretty interesting theories as to what those dates mean. Here are a  few that made me chuckle:

"Those are the dates for teasers featuring one band-mate till the new album drops"
"Those are the enlistment dates of each Oppa, for their military service"

Although they are funny they couldn't possibly be true. YG isn't going to pull our worshipping legs out from under us. Not when we the fans hold all the real power. Yup, you read that right. I'm a cocky fan who wants her band to idolize back. We all do, and YG knows it. 

So what do I think the numbers represent? Since YG says flat out in their statement that the crew is going to preform new songs in their Seoul concert dates. I believe each of those dates are going to be concerts that will span the globe. With the new album dropping on May 1st. If I had to guess which cities they will play I would say for sure: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, New York City and London. If I am wrong about the cities I apologize. After all those are the worlds biggest cities, and I think those places would relish the chance to see their performance.

I think that Big Bang is such a large pull for YG, that they will rocket them out the door with new goodies for the fangirls like me and you(unless you are a dude reading this then fanboy). YG knows what they are doing. They are the master fishermen and we are the big fish that only like the good bait. I don't know about you but I would sure as hell take a bite out of whatever they tossed into the water that smelled remotely like Big Bang.

Only time will tell if my predictions are true. What do you think the dates mean? Do you think I am right? Wrong?

12 venues are planned! Click here to read the article YG posted.

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