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The Cast of My Spring Day

My Spring Day(s) is a drama centered around a young women, who in the past, has suffered health problems all her life. After a successful heart transplant she is healthy and plans to live her life as fully as she possibly can with this newly received "second chance". She is about to become engaged to the surgeon her transplanted her heart, when she meets a man at the local meat market. Sparks fly and her world is turned upside down. Is she in love with this new man? Or does her new heart have a mind of its own?
Kam Woo-Sung as Kang Dong-Ha

Woo-Sung is a renowned actor, known best for his portrayal of a court jester in the hit period film King and the Clown. Can you belief that he actually went to school to paint? He majored in Oriental Painting. After school he feel in love with acting and debuted waaaay back in 1991. He has continued his career on both the small screen and the short screen.
My Love 2007


Sooyoung as Lee Bom-Yi
Although this is not her first drama Sooyoung is a new actress to me! I only know her from the hit Kpop girl group Girls Generation. Would you believe that she got her start at an open audition? She was on a show called Kore-Japan Ultra Idol Duo and won first place. So you best believe this girl has talent down to her bones.

Unstoppable Marriage 2008
The 3rd Hospital 2012
Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013

Hello, Schoolgirl 2008
Check her out in an awesome Girls Generation video too.

Lee Jun-Hyuk as Kang Dong-Wook
Dreamy Jun-hyuk has been acting since his debut in 2006 in a music video. Can you blame Typhoon for featuring him? I certainly can't. After his video debut he went on to star in a ton of dramas and has even been in some hit movies that did very well here in the US! This is the third drama he has been in that I have seen. His list is pretty impressive.

City Hall 2009

Jang Shin-Young as Bae Ji-Won
Get this, Shin-young won a beauty contest in 2001... Say what! No really... by looking at the picture to your right it is clear as day that this girl is drop dead gorgeous. Not only that but if you happen to be a fan of E! the entertainment channel, then you probably recognize her from The Empress which aired back in 2011. This girl was the lead. Mind+blown. I guess you sorta miss stuff like that when all you watch is Korean Dramas. Hahahahaha

Red Eye 2005
The Piano in a Factory 2010

Bride of the Sun 2011
The Chaser 2012
Thorn Flower 2013
Lee Jae -Won as Park Hyeong-Woo
This guys is hilarious and really has great comedic timing. I looked him up to find out about his debut but the only hit I could get was about a singer from a boy group that shares the same name. And since that dude was accused of rape, my Sherlock senses say that ain't this guy. So if you Google this shiiii be sure to not get the two mixed up. 


Ga Duek-Hi as Joo Se-Na
This girl plays a great best friend. And since she is an Aries, I am going to openly continue to believe that she would make a great sister too.

Queen In-hyun's Man 2012
Nine: Nine Time Travels 2012
Hur Jun, the Original Story 2013

Hyun Seung-Min as Kang Poo-Reum

This little girl has big aspirations! She has been in over 6 dramas and two films and is just turning 16 this year. She started as a figure skater and then turned her skills to in front of the camera. Lucky for us, because I see huge things in her future.

Empress Ki 2013
Hyde, Jekyll and Me 2015

Gil Jung-Woo as Kang Ba-Da
This is Jung-Woos first drama. He is super cute and I can mostly definitely see him in more dramas in the future.

If you have any questions about the cast, want to know what I think of the cast or if I am actually wearing a a shirt with the cast of Friends on it while I type this... please comment below. 

Have a great day and thanks for reading!
Kdrama on.

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