Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Cast of My Lovely Girl

My Lovely Girl marks the long awaited return of Rain. Kdramaland has been a vast desert without him. To welcome him back with style they put together an amazing cast. Let's meet each one of them and learn more. Since this will be my first Rain drama I am super excited to find out what else the hunky star has been in!

Rain as Lee Hyun-ook
Known mostly as a singer and a movie star to the rest of the world Rain has enthralled audiences int he Kdrama world for a little while. He has recorded seven albums, had 28 hit singles and began his acting career in 2003. He even won for Best Actor in 2004 for his work on Full House, just one short year after his acting debut. And he did all of this before joining the army for his required service in 2011. His long awaited return to the small screen happened with My Lovely Girl. I personally remember watching Ninja Assassin and having no clue who he was at the time. So the boy has been all over the world.

Sang Doo! Let's Go to School 2003
Full House 2004
A Love to Kill 2005
The Fugitive: Plan B 2010

Since he is really talented as a singer let's watch some music videos... shall we?
this video was released on Jan 1st 2014

Krystal Jung as Yoon Sena
I first discovered Krystal in Heirs. I had no idea she was the tall leggy blond from f(x). Did you? She was born in San Fransisco and during a family trip to Seoul when she was five she was spotted by a talent agent and the rest is pretty much history. She debuted with f(x) in 2009 and did some hosting gigs before she landed her first role in the drama More Charming by the Day. It was only a minor role but the star fell in love with acting.

Cutie Pie 2010
High Kick 3! 2011
The Heirs 2013

I say anyone who has music videos should get one posted!

She totally could convince me to dye my hair blonde!

Cha Re-ryun as Shin Hae-yoon

If you are looking at the picture to the left and thinking "She has a face for film" you would be 100% correct. Ye-ryun started acting in movies. Her first film was a horror flick called Voice. She had just a supporting role, but it was enough to get her noticed. She landed her first drama role as a main cast member of Bad Love.

Bad Love 2007
Star's Lover 2008
Dr. Champ 2010
Royal Family 2011

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do 2008
Sector 7 2011
The Plan Man 2014

Kim Myung-soo (L) as Shi-woo
Behind that adorable face is the mind of a truly talented man. L as he is known to his fans has been gracing stages since 2010 when he debuted with his group Infinite. He has his degree from Daekyung University in music and has been showcasing his talent ever since. Can you believe that he really made his acting debut in a Japan drama called jiu in 2011? everyone had to of taken notice of his presence on screen because he has been landing roles ever since.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band 2012
Salamander Guru and The Shadows 2012
Master's Sun 2013
Cunning Single Lady 2014

He starred in a video for Epik High.

And check him out with Infinite.
Gah I think I am in love.

Kim Jin Woo as Seo Jae-Young

He may star as the bad guy in My Lovely Girl but you would never guess with a smile like that! I really couldn't find much on the actor. Other than the massive list of dramas he has starred in. So I guess I can just resort to staring at his pretty pretty face. Which is fine by me!

Road No. 1 2010
Smile Mom 2010
12 Sign's of Love 2012
Queen In-Hyun's Man 2012
King of Dramas 2013
Can't Take it Anymore 2013
Golden Cross 2014

Enjoy watching! And let me know if you have any questions about the cast. 
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