Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Lovely Girl Review

Welcome back Rain! More like hello Rain to me. This being my very first Rain-drenched drama, I went into this show not knowing what to think. I am glad my expectations were pretty much nonexistent.

Because sometimes you settle into a drama.... You really dig in and absorb it. What happened to me during the very midst of the show was a lot of internal conflict. There were numerous moments when I wanted to drop it. I did finish it, begrudgingly mind you, and with a beer in hand most of the time. Why? Here's why:

A show centered around a musical cast should really deliver on the music. Like I mention in my video review I was expecting a shit ton of music. With one of the biggest kpop stars returning to the screen, a sweet siren and a beautiful boy band member, how could it not be overflowing with catchy songs. Not to mention that the two lead characters of the show are SONGWRITERS. They spend a majority of their time writing songs. We get to hear one snippet early on, which seems promising. Only to be disappointed with hearing more snippets when the characters hear it on the radio. No spotlight is given to this masterpiece that was pained over in the past five episodes. No attention is given to the one melody written about how a character feels for another character! BWAH! I'm not crazy right? Did or didn't the writers/visionaries and broadcasting team miss out on record sales for said song? Not only that but they missed out on a huge wave of FEELS they could have given to us with that song or any other fictional song the characters made.

I understand when a story line has to loop, but a loop-de-loop makes April roll her eyes. Okay, the main premise of the show is around the budding relationship between Rain and Krystal's characters and the fact that they shouldn't be together. I get it. You get it. It's hard. He is her dead sisters old man. She is his dead ex-girlfriends baby sister. Life is hard. Life is ugly and shit happens. Do we really need to see the characters split apart every 3 episodes? Do we need to get beaten down as a viewer and uplifted again again when they reunite? Do we need to see secondary characters get their hopes up and then crushed every 3 episodes too? No we don't. Because by the time the characters get together towards the very end of the show, you don't give a flying eff anymore. I recall rolling my eyes once or twice in the finale. A great show is a wonderful roller-coaster with ups, downs, twists and turns.... Not a corkscrew spin the whole way through.

Chemistry is a science you need to understand, you can't just throw two substances together and expect them to stick. Peanut butter and jelly: meant to be. Spaghetti and meatballs: yum! Sometimes a couple hits the screen and you have to step back because the heat is there. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Ross and Rachel, L and Krystal..... yeah you read that right: L and Krystal. I think that the couple who had the most on screen sparks was L and Krystal. Rain and Krystal never really popped for me. I can't really pinpoint why I believe this, but I feel like Rain was more of a father to Krystal with the way he watched over her and took care of her. L pushed her to become better, challenged her and loved her the way she was, no questions asked. This was one show where I think the Second Male Lead should've gotten the girl.

Why SHOULD you watch My Lovely Girl.....
The weather man wasn't lying about heavy Rain. If you are an avid Rain fan, this show is for you. Not only is is dressed to the nines ever single single his character is warm and touching. Resulting in the eye candy that you can see yourself dating. I for one loved how his muscles could barely be contained in his suits. I loved watching those tiny little buttons struggle. Tee hee.

Krystal is superb, sweet and stunning. To see Krystal pull off a mousy songwriter was a fun departure from her character in Heirs. To just hear her sing a Capella is a pure delight.

L is hands down the only reason I kept watching. The man has boyish  charms, blonde hair and a devilish grin that tells you he is up to no good. I blame him for being an Infinite fan. His character is sweet is his own way, damaged but repairable, and brought humor to a show that otherwise would've made me wanna listen to REM's Everybody Hurts on replay. 

The clothing worn by "Witch" Hae Yoon is impeccable. Oh Kdrama fashion, how I adore thee. Don't get me wrong Krystal has some cute outfits and so does Rain... But Cha Ye-Ryun has the best clothing of them all. You will drool over her handbags. You will swoon at her hair and makeup. You will find yourself Googling late into the night about her outfits to see if you can in fact pull off fringe stilettos at your day job like she does, only to find out that you can not afford them and remember that you can't walk in stilettos anyhow. I even loved the pajamas that she donned during her heartbreak.

What did you think about the show? Would you recommend it to others? What Rain drama is your favorite and were you underwhelmed with this one as much as me? Let me know! Thank you for reading and as always......

Kdrama On!


  1. Have not watched this drama, but did see Rain in "Sang Doo, Let's go to School!" It was an average drama, but Rain did a good job in it. The ending left something to be desired, rather strange and unsatisfying to say the least. It does have Gong Hyo Jin in it and one of my favorites - Lee Dong Gun

    1. I hate the dramas that leave you like that! I love Gong Hyo Jin too. She usually picks solid shows to star in.

  2. Never heard of this movie before but after reading this review I think it is going to be in my list of must-watch movies. I think Korean people are cute by default and if this movie is about romance - cuteness is going to be overwhelming! Thanks for posting.

    1. This drama was pretty darn cute! So i think you will like it.