Monday, March 30, 2015

Memebox Unboxing: Yeondukong Box

Does anyone remember the stick blushes from the late 1990s? They were Maybelline and Sarah Michelle Gellar was their spokesperson.... Well.. I loved those damned things. They discontinued them after a short run of a year. So when I saw what this box contained with it ... I about screamed and wanted to immediately watch Buffy. 

This box is called the Yeondukong Box and is a collaboration with Memebox and Yeon Du Kong a 25 year old beauty guru know for her super cute makeup style. She hand picked all the items included in this box and even has a tutorial video showing you how to recreate her look! (read on to see that video)

I got this box for $33 and with everything included within it is worth over $51!

Product #1: I'm Eyeliner #1 Night
retails for $5
Glides on smooth like a gel liner and the color is a good universal shade. 
Product #2: Easy Blushing Stick #1 Shy Pink
retails for $12
This stuff is the perfect shade of pink. It gives my skin a great "just worked out" flush. 
Product #3: Easy Blushing Stick #2 Lively Coral
retails for $12
I honestly can not decide which color I love wearing more, this one or the pink one. I love them both so much! And they are perfect for you if you happen to be a super lazy beauty-holic like myself.
Product #4: I'm Series Eyeshadow in Hold Me
retails for $5
This warm smoky purple is great for everyday wear. It can be built upon to create a dramatic look for a night out too. The pigment isn't too strong with this shadow, so to get really dark you have to build it up. 
Product #5: I'm Lip Crayon in Mary Jane
retails for $7
This stuff is a perfect match to either blush in the box. I like this shade. All of my coworkers love it too and some have even asked to wear it. 
Product #6: I'm Mascara in Brownie
retails for $5
This stuff is a great basic brown. If you have dark hair you could even use it on your eyebrows. Since my eyebrows are blonde... It would be weird to use it there. But for framing the eyes it gives a good finish to all of the make-up in the box.
Product #7: I'm Series Eyeshadow in Coconut Cookie
retails for $5
This is a great base for eyeshadow. It it literally one shade darker than my skin tone. So if I was going for a no makeup look I would just wear then and the mascara supplied with this box and head out the door. 
Here is how everything looks on my skin in daylight. From the left: lip crayon, pink blush stick, orange blush stick, Hold Me eyeshadow, Coconut Cookie eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara.

And check out Yeon Du Kong doing what she does best with some of the products in this box. The video features all of the product she has collaborated with Memebox to create. I kinda need them all!

I love everything I received within this box!
Pua loved it all too. Hahahahahahaha. Look at her working it for the camera. 
Thank you so much for reading. If you need any other information about this box or Memebox in general, just comment below. If you want to know how I apply this makeup or just what I happen to be drinking while typing this, don't hesitate. I love hearing from you!
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