Monday, March 9, 2015

Memebox Unboxing: Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box

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Okay, look at the title, then back here. That's right, it's an anniversary themed box for Memebox?!  Memebox knows how to celebrate the way I like: with beauty essentials that are coveted by their team of beauty experts. They specially held rounds of testings for each product in this box. And each one of them passed rounds one and two. It really makes me wonder what items got tossed aside.... 
This box cost $25.99 with $6.99 for shipping. 

 Each Memebox comes with a card explaining the benefits of what each product does. This is because most of the products are in all Korean.
 Product #1: Capsule Mask Pack
retails for $22
The packaging may be a little confusing. Because this is not a real capsule nor a mask nor a pack. It is a facial spray! It is meant to give you the benefit of an overnight mask with its re-hydrating properties. It contains cherry-blossom, evening primrose and violet extracts to help deliver nutrients to your parched skin. It comes in three different versions: Moisture, Whitening(which I received) and Anti-Aging.
 Product #2: Hot Speed manicure & Dr' Cool Scalp+
retails for $11
Yet another really confusing name on a product! This stuff is not for your nails. It is for your hair and scalp. Boy was I really confused because the Hot Manicure w=even has he word "cuticle" on it. Hahahahaha The Speed Manicure is made to warm the scalp and deliver nutrients to growing hair. It does this with a protein punch to coat and protect. 
Cool Dr.Scalp works to cool your scalp and help remove impurities from your scalp where your hair grows. It also sheds dead skin scales.   I haven't use either one of these yet, because I suffer from psoriasis I am afraid it will cause a massive reaction. I plan to do a small test patch first. Then I will come back and update this.
 Product #3: Bee AC Control Toner
retails for $15
A toner made for acne-prone skin that is designed ot help alleviate irritation and redness. Sorta like a little mini Doctor for your pores. It contains bee venom, galatomyces and bifida ferments with in. Bee Venom has bee shown to speed up healing and held clear redness. I have to be honest, I gave this one away. I don't suffer from breakouts, so I shared the love with one of my good friends.
 Pua is very intrigued as to what Bee Venom smells like. Hahaha
 Product #4: AHC Whitening Cream Spf 35 PA++
retails for $38
Oh whitening cream... You had me in love the first time I ever tried you. Not only does this whitening cream help smooth your skin and eliminate wrinkles, it tones, tightens, evens and protects it too. This cream has vitamins, hyaluronic acid, lemon, kakdu plum, kamu kamu berry and more to help visibly correct uneven skin tone and pack it full of moisture. It is no wonder Korean beauties are slathering it all over their skin.
 Product #5: Unni Recipe Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 PA++ #21 LightBeige
retails for $24
I thought that this was going to be a cushion BB cream, but is is more of a wet powder. I have yet to use this on my face yet. But I am going ot test it out. The card it came with says it is supposed to let your skin breath, even under full makeup. It contains galactomyces and various other ferments to bring moisture to your skin and protect against free radicals. I have a feeling that this stuff would cover all acne, scars and freckles with ease.
After a lot of confusion and a lot of giving away some of the items. I have come to the conclusion that although this box is awesome, it just isn't for me. If it is for you be sure to check Memebox, sign up and hope they restock it. 

All together this box contained  $110 of product.  
Not too shabby Memebox. Not too shabby indeed.
Kdrama on!

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