Monday, March 2, 2015

Memebox Unboxing: Daily Must-Wears

Daily must-Wears is a box that Memebox curated featuring items that SHOULD be on our must have lists. I was curious. So I purchased the box and awaited it arrival. i was really wondering what items the fab ladies that work at Membox could possibly throw at me to revolutionize my everyday look and beauty regime. This box cost $29 with a $6.00 shipping fee.
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oh what a beautiful sight those pink boxes are......

Each Memebox comes with a card explaining the benefits of each product. Every product has been shipped to you from South Korea, so unless you happen to be fluent in Korean.... save the card. If you are fluent... Teach me oh wise one!
Product #1: la Bellona Camelia Oleifera Oil Clinic
retails for $11
This conditoner is a lifesaver. My poor hair has been static charging me to death lately. And no amount of coconut oil masks or normal conditioners were giving me the shine, bounce and static-free locks I was craving. This stuff did after two uses! It smells awesome and is really lightweight so my fine hair wasn't glued to my head after a shower.  It is meant to restore your hair using extracts from the Camelia Flower and hydrolyzed collagen. In other words this stuff gives you what you need. And I am very sad that I will run out soon. 

Product #2: Touch Couture Perfect Dual Kit
retails for $35
One part gloss, one part eyebrow wand, this kit is everything you need to frame your face in 5 seconds. The gloss is taste-free which is nice. It is also lightweight, sheer and very moisturizing. I have yet to whip out a stick of balm when I am wearing it. Which I can't really say with other lip products. The brow wand thingy... Is weird. I really never fill in my brows. But I tested it out. And by testing it out I mean that I put it on and didn't tell anyone I was wearing wearing it. No comments. Not even from Joe, my boyfriend, who hates over done brows. So if he bat an eye, then this stuff must be pretty natural looking. I felt it did make my brows a little darker than normal, but that was it.
The gloss isn't as bright on as it looks in the picture. I wish it was... that would be too fun!
The eyebrow stuff is sort of a gel. It is also odor-free.
The gloss doesn't look as sheer here as it is on my lips, because for swatch sake, I really piled it on there.
Product #3: Lailly 7 Seconds Makeup Booster
retails for $41
This is by far my favorite thing in the box. It moisturizes, smells great and smooths out my skin. Besides all of those benefits, it helps my makeup stay in place like a mo-fo! I really don't know what is in it... but I would like to imagine little fairies poured unicorn tears into that black jar under the light of a golden full moon.
it's green and super lightweight.
Product #4: Double Ton-up Whitening Cream
retails for $40
This product was chosen out of three possible ones(see card). One was the Bidan Cream made with rose hip oil to repair damaged skin, the other is the Gleam Moisture Cream made with aloe vera. I received the Whitening Cream that is made for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, tightening the skin and improving color and tone overall. It does this with shea butter and damask rose extracts. So right off the bat you know it smells GOOD. Of course it goes on super white and after you rub it in your skin instantly looks more even and brighter like most whitening creams. If I had to pick one for you to use I would go with the cheaper version by Tony Moly. It's available at Urban Outfitters accross the country. Besides if you don't like it you're only out 10 bucks. 
See how white it is!
Product #5: Esthetic House Collagen Jelly Pack Mask (set of 5)
retails for $17
These masks are super skin plumping. Since my skin is a little older I always worry about my elasticity and fine lines. These sheets super charge your skin with boosting moisture. That's because each sheet contains 20ml of concentrated collagen. That's right.. collagen.. right on yo face!
This set was well worht the agony of waiting for it to arrive from South Korea. Was it worth it? You decide. 

I spent $29 with $6 shipping and handling.
All together I received $144 worth of stuff!
Thanks for reading guys!
Happy Monday to you all.

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