Sunday, March 8, 2015

Make It Pop Brings Kpop to Nickelodeon

Coming this April is a show that will bring a Kpop-influenced sound to kids across the country. Deemed as a cross between Glee and Kpop this half hour comedy show is set to narrow the gap between the Kpop-verse and ours. And to be honest I am really excited! I love seeing the culture I am obsessed with get the spotlight it deserves. 

The show is co-produced by Nick Cannon(insert eyeroll here) and Thomas W. Lynch creator of Secret World of Alex Mack and more. The show centers around three teenage girls that become roommates at an international boarding school. They of course bond over a shared love Kpop, which is true to how fandoms work in real-life. Immediately they form a Kpop-esque group to garner attention at the upcoming school musical competition. 

There were rumors about Psy acting as a parent in the show. But those turned into just rumors... Thank goodness. Megan Lee, a Youtube star and MBC Star Audition alumni, is perfect to play a Kpop-obsessed lead role. So far the release date for broadcast has not been shared. Nickelodeon has bought 20 episodes of the show for the first season. No rumors yet as to if the show will get a second one, I guess  they want to wait to see how well received it is by audiences.
Watch the official trailer for the show here
All episodes will be available online at too. 
Will you watch the show? What do you think about Kpop merging more into American TV? Do you think there will be any Kpop guest stars(please oh please let there be!)?


  1. Secret World of Alex Mack was the shit.

    1. Agreed! Yet another reason I plan on watching this show. Who knows maybe Larisa Olneck will guest star.