Thursday, February 5, 2015

Surplus Princess Review

I loved this show, albeit short, it was sweet and completely fantastical in a way that all dramas should strive to be. In a perfect world it should have been the 16-20 episodes long that everyone was hoping for (which is really redundant of me to say here, since I said it a TON in my video)but it bears repeating. Even with the ten episode lay-out, this show delivered memorable characters and some side-busting good times which equaled a viewing experience that was above par on many levels.

Here is a checklist of the reasons I loved the show:

First things first, there was romance.... tons of it. There were so many people crushing on each other, that if you didn't enjoy one single couple in this show, well then... You my friend are either clearly not paying attention or one cold son of a gun.

You had not only Ha Ni and her guys, you had Do Ji-Yong loving on Ha Ni. You had Big crushing on Suzy, you had Big also macking on older-than-him An Hye-young. She in turn was lusting after him and on that old weird roommate guy. Which was by the way... one of theeee weirdest crushes I have seen on screen. You had Witch An getting lady crushes left and right... Even the evil bitch: Yoon Jin-A had a love story of her own too! Could you imagine what would have happened if they had 16 episodes to fill up? I am sure we would have seen more of Witch An's developing relationship for sure! Which was my clear favorite.
The Ally McBeal Factor was palpable. Alright we have discussed romance. Now on to the real WOW FACTOR: the daydream/alternate-vision scenes of the show. The sheer thought that must have went into each of these scenes really makes me want to watch SNL Korea. The cast members from SNL delivered all the laughs and some of the most epic scenes I have ever really seen in a Kdrama so far!
The amount of food lust created was enough to spike my curiosity.  I wasn't expecting this side to a mermaid TV show at all.... But making the first male interest a chef was a wise decision. It added a flavorful layer to the dialogue. Not only that but Song Jae-rim could squirt ketchup on eggs and I would consider it gourmet. That man makes everything look delicious. And our heroine Ha Ni has a checklist of Korean food that she is dying to try. So when the opportunity to have one checked off her bucket list arises she jumps to the occasion and gorges herself. Much like how I imagine I would, if put in the same situation. Due to her wandering palate, we are given some amazing food pornography. The likes of which made my mouth water like the Niagara. Oh the chicken feet scene! I have never personally tried chicken feet or even wanted to... But with that slow motion moment of Ha Ni eating them, with the sauce all over her face, made it seem like they are the most delicious thing ever created. Prompting me to wonder where I can get my own. I don't even want to mention the Takiyaki...... I don't know what those little bread balls are.. But I NEED them.

I can only hope that who ever was in charge of this show knows exactly what they missed out on. I was an eager partciapant in the hype that this show created. A mermaid drama is a perfect blending of my childhood and my current obsession. If they played their cards right, they could have had the success of My Love From Another Star. Alas, we will never know now. A part of me wonders if the ratings were enough to have investors back out last minute, or if the lack of viewers alone made them draw back the episodes.  I guess we will never know. But there has to be a ton of people eager to see this all play out to a better end than what was given. Who knows... Maybe there is a reboot in our future.

And one more thing about that ending.......

They tie off loose ends well enough... true love prevailed.. Blah Blah Blah. But the one reason... the only reason I hated that ending......

The bitch gets the dream guy!

I call bullshit!!!


  1. I liked the quirkiness this show had at the beginning, but they lost that focus later on. In all, I was disappointed that they cut the episodes down so much they wrapped things up too hastily and yea, this is the first time I have seen a kdrama give the lead guy to the B! That's why I felt the ending was unsatisfactory.
    Go Song Jae-rim!! Those eyes!
    Chicken feet are delicious and make a great soup.

    1. I will have to try some Chicken feet soup soon!

  2. I don't actually know what they were aiming for with this "drama", but this is totally funny. Like hilariously funny. Somehow I can not take korean movies seriously. I don't know why but the fact is the fact. Anyway, thanks for posting. It was fun.

  3. OMG, this is totally hilarious! I am not sure if the goal of this "drama" was to turn our hilarious but still - that is what I think of it :) At least I can feel it from this review and random screenshots :)