Monday, February 2, 2015

Memebox Unboxing: Princess Edition #6 Cinderella

This box promised a complete Cinderella transformation. Well, you know, without the Fairy Godmother and whatnot. I was expecting a lot of make-up, but nothing more than the normal things the Memebox throws my way. I certainly wasn't expecting bright colors and hair goodies! Plus the stuff in this box is meant to be worn well after midnight.

I purchased this box for $29. 
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 Each box comes with a card that explains the benefits of what items are inside. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY.... Unless you are fluent in Korean. Then...well... I am just jealous.
Product #1: Color World Setting Powder
retails for $24
I received the Lavender version of this setting powder. It smells lovely and is supposed to give your skin a rich velvety look.  Notice how I said "supposed to"? That's because this stuff just got soaked up by my face immediately. Looking like I didn't have any powder on whatsoever. I know what you're thinking... but April, did you use enough? Yup. Sure did. I piled this stuff on and every time I never ended up with a velvety look.. Just a greasy look. This stuff was not for me.
 Product #2: ECLAIRE Color-blast Blusher in Santorini Coral
retails for $32
A blush that shows up on my skin! What a treat. This blush doesn't contain any fancy ingredients... that I can tell of. It has no scent which is nice. And can be layered up for a more intense look. I love it. It's is a universally flattering shade.
 Product #3: MacQueen Concealer Dual Viel
retails for $14
One side is a crayon and the other is a liquid concealer stick. The info card told me it could be used to highlight my t-zone. I don;t think so. Hahahahaha. That is too much coverage. The stuff is too thick to put under my eyes too. But for pimples, oh my, for pimples... It is simply the best. It's like they never happened. And it fits in my purse. Say what!
 Product #4: ECLAIRE Color-Blast Lip Cream with Matte Finish
retails for $29 
Notice how this is the same brand as the blush? Apparently I could have either received this pink version called Rhodes, or the Santorini Coral version. I got the pink. I wish that Memebox thought ahead and matched the blush to the lipstick.... Either way this stuff is cool. It goes on like a lip gloss and finishes with a matte finish for a modern bold look. It's completely free of parabens, and other harmful chemicals too. I don't wear it that often. I find it dries my lips out. I prefer glossy gloss.

 Product #5: Ladykin At the Party Long & Perm Mascara
retails for $10
This has been my only mascara for the past couple of weeks. I don't think it curls my lashes. But it is waterproof which is nice, cause I cry too much during Kdrama, so I need something that will stay put. The wand is rounded at the end, I can really get all of those tiny lashes that are hiding out.  My favorite part about this mascara is that it peels away when exposed to soapy water. Kinda like Elmer's glue... I feel like it's less damaging because I don't have to even rub even slightly hard for it come off.
 Product #6: TonyMoly BCDation All Master SPF30 PA+++
retails for $24
A BB cream, a CC cream and a foundation all in one AAAND SPF. Sign me up. the info card says it is supposed to add volume to your skin to create the illusion of less fine lines and wrinkles. I saw no such difference. i will tell you, that I have been wearing this stuff everyday and it has replaced my pricey Laniege BB Cushion for the time being. It;s really moisturizing. It covers really well and I can layer it up under my eyes for a more even look on those days where I look utterly miserable. Hahahahaha
 Product #7:Anis Double Act Curling Essence
retails for $6
Alright... If you have split ends, hate getting your hair cut so you go moths between trims, can't brush a comb through your wet hair and need shine-not static in your life.... Here is your answer. I have been using this every time I wash my hair and sometimes on days that my hair is dirty and needs some smoothness from frizz. This cream makes my hair look flawless. It smells awesome and is easy to use. You put a dab into your hands after towel drying your hair and rub it in starting at the ends. All I know it has is  Grapeseed Oil in it. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if you told me that there was some wonderful Fairy magic in this shit. Because I love it.
 There you have it. Did it make me feel transformed? No. Was I surprised with what was inside? Yes. What one item is the standout? It's a tie between the Tonymoly foundation and the Anis hair cream.  

I spent $29 on this box and received.......
$139 worth of goodies. 
Talk about something from a fairytale.

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