Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Are You Watching?

Hey guys and gals..... 

As I slug back a ton of caffeine this morning and try to readjust to my normal time schedule, I was curious as to what you guys are all currently viewing, catching up on or marathoning. It can be anything really. Not even Kdrama.... If you watched it over this weekend or are currently obsessed with something I wanna hear all about it. 

This weekend I flew all the way from sunny Vegas to cold Louisville, Ky(my hometown) to stay with my family and spend some quality time with my brother, my Mom and Dad. I caught up on some movies that I have been wanting to see. And snuck in a little Kdrama when everyone else was asleep(the 3 hour time difference is a bit of a bitch).

Movies I caught up on:
Catching Fire
In your Eyes
A couple of Hallmark movies, because I love them with all of their predictability.

Kdramas I am currently watching:
Birth of a Beauty
We Got Married

The bags under my eyes say it all. Not even that weird pee-yellow camera filter can help my "selca". I flew in to town early this morning and am currently running on 3ish hours of sleep. Ugh... So distract me with tales of what you have watched!


  1. Currently watching "Nail Shop Paris" and you sure "nailed" it with your review. The first episode was so cute and fun and it has been all downhill from there. I was hoping for a "Flower Boy Ramen Shop". Rewatching "Mary Stayed Out All Night". Looking forward to Hugh Jackman's "Peter Pan" this summer.

    1. Awe thanks.. Nail Shop was cute but like you said... ugh. Terribly disappointing. Have you watched Flower Boy Next Door? That one is sort of as good as Ramen Shop. Mary Stayed Out All Night was so good. I think I re-listened to the OST a million times. As I type this I am currently googling this "Peter Pan" you speak of. How did I miss out on the info for that one? Oh yeah.... My kdrama obsession probably. Hahahahahaha

  2. I'm currently watching a lot of Chinese dramas. the recent one is 'forensic heroes' which is like CSI but I like it better, I like a good crime fighting drama now and then. I'll be watching the 2 sequels forensic heroes 2 & 3. also rewatching the series D.I.E. with Roger Kwok, that one is about a guy who can see visions when he touched something of someone who has recently died, it's a comedy and a lot of fun to watch. I recommend those two. you can catch episodes at www.gooddrama.net/watch-drama-shows, just go down the list to the hong kong dramas

    hope you have a great day.

    1. I loved CSI for a little while too. Until Grissom was gone. And that was before I lived in Las Vegas. So maybe it is worth a revisit. Hahahaha. I am glad you have so much to watch an I will most definitely give that link a peek. Thanks for the comment Lissa, I hope you have a wonderful day too.