Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Cast of Surplus Princess

Get to know the cast of Surplus Princess....
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Jo bo-ah as Kim Ha ni

Ha ni is a mermaid that loves cell phones. She currently has a waterproof Samsung smartphone to help her keep track of all things human related. Especially a certain hunky television Chef.... She has heard of a way to become human.. will she do it? What risks will she take to see if her and her Chef are meant to be?

I Live In Cheondam-dong 2011
Shut Up Flower Boy Band 2012
Horse Doctor 2012

Innocent Thing 2014

Oh Joo-wan as Lee Hyun-myun

After his girlfriend dumps him after landing her dream job, Hyun-myun has no choice to to delve into trying to land his own dream job to win her back. Little does he know that soon a strange new girl is going to move into his Surplus House of roommates and shake things up like never before.

My Love By My Side 2012
The Blade and Petal 2013
Punch 2015

Obsessed 2014
Don't Forget Me 2014
Time Renegade 2015

Song Jae Rim as Kwan Shi-kyung

Shi-kyung is a talented television chef who whilst shooting an episode falls off of a boat he had especially rented out for a certain fish recipe. Once overboard he hits his head and is rendered unconscious. Lucky for him a certain dirty-minded mermaid is right there to not only save him, but perhaps give his apple bottom a little squeeze while he is in her arms. Once saved from the water he is curious as to who truly saved him. Was the beautiful girl he dreamed of real?

Flower Boy Ramen Shop 2011
Moon Embracing the Sun 2012
Nail Shop Paris 2013
Two Weeks 2013
Big Man 2013

The Suspect 2013
Tunnel 3D 2014

Park Ji-soo as Yoon Jin-a

Jin-a wants to brush aside her past and fully embrace her future. She has long felt too good for the Surplus House she has stayed in and longs for the elegance of a high-rise she can call her own. Now that she has landed the promotion she has been wanting she just needs to drop her current boyfriend. With her new freedom can she snag the guy she has always thought was too good for her? Will he even give her the time of day? And will her Ex ever give up on their love?

This is her first drama!

Mai Ratima 2012

Kim Seul-gi as An Hye-young

An Hye-young is no nonsense. She has aspirations of fame and can most definitely carry a tune. Just wait until you see her Frozen theme! Now her only problem is finding her very own Oppa to share her dreams with. Will her long standing crush accept her feelings? Will her singing and eating webcast gain the popularity she needs? Or will a new man catch her attention?

Only time and the internet will tell.

Saturday Night Live Korea current
Pretty Man 2013
Flower Boy Next Door 2013

Ode to My Father 2014
Miss Granny 2014

Kim Min-kyo as Do Ji-yong

Do Ji-yong wants to find a job. Not just any job, he wants the type of job that will give him back the brave demeanor he misses. He also wants a young lady draped over his successful arm. He has been searching for jobs with his house-mates for far too long. His humor is sure to get him through any obstacle. And if you watch you will see why he is my personal favorite character.

Saturday Night Live Korea current
The King's Daughter Soo Baek-hyang 2013
Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013

Ghost Sweepers 2012
Man on High Heels 2014

Nam Ju-Hyuck as Big

Big is model beautiful, terribly shy and unsure of his future. He wants a professional job, but lacks the scores from school to really pull ahead. He is head over heels for a close friend, Suzy, and yet remains silent about his feelings for her. When his roommates and friends decide to help him with both sides of the fence, he is perplexed. On one hand, he wants Suzy to love only him, and on the other he wants a career that others will envy. Will he live up to the name his parents have given him and at this rate is there any hope?

This is his first drama!

If you have any questions about this amazing cast, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Unlike my prior cast listings I did not tell you about the actor.. But told you all about the character that they play. If you like this and want me to fill out other casts like this, let me know. Also if you hate it.... let me know too. 


  1. I actually like you to include info on the actors as well.
    I liked Surplus Princess. Too bad it was canceled before being able to end its story properly.
    Kim Seul-gi is a great character actress. Loved her in Flower Boy Next Door. She is good at playing quirky characters.

    1. Thanks, I will try and do both a character synopsis and an actor background next time. I was so pumped when I saw Kim Seul-gi... she cracks me up. This drama was so funny. I was super bummed out when they cut it short.