Monday, January 5, 2015

Memebox Unboxing: Princess Edition #5 Tinkerbell

All of the princess boxes that Memebox has released have spoken to my inner child, with her fantasies of being a princess. They have also spoken to the adult in me: I want to look like a flawless Disney princess. I mean.. have you seen their hair? 

To look at the listing for the other Princess boxes they have released follow this link: 

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Also.. before you go on.. I am truly sorry about the state of my nails. Winter is a harsh mistress and I am apparently too lazy to do them for these unboxings. I promise to up my manicure game this year! So be on the look out. 

As usual each Memebox should come with a card describing each product within, since all the packaging or most of it.... is in Korean. So don't toss it.

The Tinkerbell box set me back $29 dollars and promises to deliver an enchanting glow that Tink herself would be jealous of. 
Product #1: Body Net Clavi-S Cream
retails for $8
This stuff smells amazingly clean and is made with cabbage rose water. It contains both ivory and gold Korean pearls to help illuminate your skin. Use it on your clavicle and shoulders for all of those stunning dresses when you hit the town.
Product #2: RiRe Pigment in Peach Peach
retails for $12
This high pigment eye-shadow was chosen random between the Gold version and the Peach version. This eye-shadow is meant to either be layered on top of eye-shadow or worn alone. It is a little chunky and feels like glitter, but does give that wow factor. Unfortunately peach eye-shadows make my look sickly... I have really pink skin and peach and gold tones look really washed out on me. Or I look like my liver is failing. Not good. But if you have a skin tine that can pulls it off you will love it.
Product #3: Mizon Oh! Shy Glow On Shimmer Light
retails for $14
This liquid highlighter is formulated to be smooth and gve your skin instant brillance. I have to say, the attached brush is easy to use. I have had trouble with highlighters in the past making me look more like the Tin Man. This one is no fail. I think it's because it is a natural coral tone and it is a feather light liquid. No matter how much you apply or how little, you still tend to look just ever so radiant, not crazy. Which is a good thing. I use it on my brow bone and cheeks. 
Product #4: Tony Moly Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner
retails for $7
This stuff is my absolute favorite item from this box. I have been adding this eyeliner to my look since the day I got it. It adds a subtle touch of glitter to your eye. The directions on the card said to add it to your "tear line" so I did. I love the way it instantly makes me look more "awake". The little girl in me loves the sparkle and the grown ass woman in my loves that I feel like a drama star. 
 Get your own here:
Product #5: Revecen Moisture Shine Lipgloss
retails for $16
I received the white shiny version out of two possible random color choices. The other being sandy biege. I like this gloss.... even though it really has no pigment it delivers a ton of shine. It also packs a lot of moisture for my poor winter-parched lips thanks to its core ingredient of olive oil. It goes great over any and all of my lip colors and is a great base for the ombre lip that Korea fashion is known for. 
Product #6: Vivito Blues Shiny Primer
retails for $34
This primer contains a thin veil of pearls and gives your skin just a tiny bit of shimmer. It makes a great primer for your makeup. I like it with just some powder and blush too. The little bit of sheen that it does give you hide imperfections wonderfully. I like to use this primer after a night of drinking. Those mornings are especiall the mornings I need the most help. Hahahahaha
This box was full of glittery goodness. And not really the scary Ke$ha-glitter either, a muted and classy glow that anyone could pull off. 

I spent $29 on this box and it packed ALL FULL SIZE products that total $91. 
I would say thats a very good "Happy Thought".

Kdrama On.

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