Monday, January 26, 2015

Memebox Unboxing: Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid

 If your childhood consisted of brushing your hair with a fork, singing to an imaginary crab and thinking that anyone named Eric was of Royal descent.... Boy do I have a Memebox for you. The Little Mermaid Box is by far one of my new favorites. So much so, that if it becomes available again, I will probably buy it again... Just to have more of the products I received. All the items within this box were handpicked based on ingredients obtained from the ocean.

 I purchased this box for $29 plus 6.99 to ship.

 Each Memebox comes with a card telling you what each product does, because a majority of the script on each item is purely Korean. So don't throw this away.
 Product #1: DD'ell Extra Vitalizing Serum
retails for $42
This serum contains algae and galactomyces fermentations, which are both super rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The algae acts as a strong antioxidant and moisturizing agent. I added this serum into my routine before my moisturizer and after my toner. The results were amazing! I have had less breakouts, redness and my fine lines are going away. This stuff feels amazing when you put it on too. So you know it is working immediately.
 Product #2: Pureplus+ Bentonite Cleansing Soap
retails for $12
This soap is a combination of clay from France and cocoon silk. The clay alone is full of 66 minerals! Of course we all know how good silk proteins are for our skin. I have been using this to shave my legs, since i have an abundance of facial cleansers.... And I have to say it's okay. It smells clean and lathers okay. But I won;t tell you guys to go and get it for yourself. It is completely skippable.
 Product #3: dearberry Pure &Popular White Clay Pack
retails for $12
This clay mask is made of clay from the Amazon, which is supposed to be awesome at cleansing the skin and pores of impurities. This stuff sounds more exciting than it really is.. It is almost exactly the same as my go to Freeman or St. Ives masks. And with the retail price being almost double the cost of my cheapo drugstore brands, I am more apt to just head to Walgreens for a mask, than to try and find this one online.
 Product #4: Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream
retails for $19
This is the stand-out product in this box! Holy cow is this shit good. My only wish is that it included an SPF, but other than that pairing this with the serum from above have changed my skin dramatically. It is way more supple and more taut. My face is never bloated after a night of drinking either. Which for me is amazeballs! When I mentioned above that I would buy this box again, it is purely for this one thing. Hahahahaha Apparently this stuff contains almost 30% pure hyaluronic acid, which is known for bonding moisture to your skin like a magnet. It also has natural ingredients instead of parabens and dyes, so it works great for sensitive skin. 
 Product #5: Grinif Collagen Aqua Peeling Gel
retails for $20
This stuff is like magic! Just be careful with the spray nozzle. The first time I went to spray this product onto my face, I thought the nozzle would gently "mist" this stuff on my face. WRONG. It shot straight out like a water gun, and went right up my nose! So be careful, you know, unless you want to peel the interior of your nose. Korean skin peeling products are always so cool and so gross. Once you spray this onto your face you just have to gently massage your skin. It peels away dead skin like a fine layer of dried up Elmer's Glue. It is great for exfoliation, but may make you gag when you rinse your face and see all that dead skin in the sink.
 Product #6: Pure Smile Original Mask Sheet
retails for $1
I have yet to use this mask, but I am assuming it is as awesome as all the rest. For $1 what more could you need. This one contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, collagen and pearl extracts straight from the ocean.
All in all for $29 (not including shipping) I received $106 worth of beauty products!

 So what do you think? Do you think that this box is for you? Here lately Memebox has been restocking past boxes a lot. So if I were you I would check out their site, create an account and add some boxes to your wishlist. 



  1. Hi April,
    So far I have received Memebox #81 The Next Best Thing in Skin Care. I thought it was a good value, but can't say that anything has dramatically changed my skin yet, but I am finding I am paying closer attention to and taking care of my skin. I have on order MEMEBOX SPECIAL #68 Hair Salon and Benton Holiday edition of snail products. There are others I would like to try. So many products, so little time. They did say in one of their emails or somewhere on their site that if you want a box restocked you should add it to your wishlist. My wishlist gets fuller everyday.

    1. I have very, very dry skin. And since moving to the desert, I have noticed how much even skimping on water can have an affect on my face. And I am with you on the whole paying more attention to your face thing, because before I started to use this stuff, I really wasn't so gung-ho about skincare. But I am hooked! I also have a ton of boxes in my wishlist. I was very tempted to buy the trio of boxes they're offering with the perfume box, the anti-aging and the detox. But I am super broke from Christmas still. So I am hoping they will have those again when I have better funds. HAHAAHA

  2. I think that this wonderful set will suit my sister's gift. Where it can be ordered?