Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kdrama Valentine's Day Cards!

Dearest Readers,

I heart you! So to celebrate this Valentine's Day in style I have created a full set of Valentine's Day cards for each of you to print out and share with your friends. What better way is there to show someone your love, than to share something you love with them? Melt their hearts with pure kdrama-tastic cheesiness.

Here they are! The downloadable/printable versions are below.

Download these PDFs and print till you have enough to pass out to all your Kdrama-loving friends.
If you guys love this and would like more printables let me know, these were just too much fun to make.
Kdrama On.


  1. Clever! Did you make these captions yourself?

    1. I did... Do you like them?

    2. Thank goodness! Hahahahahaha.... Do you think more printables like this would be a good idea? I had so much fun making these, I would like to find a way to make more items.

  2. Excellent post with useful information..And the combination of elements are very different and unique on the special day

  3. And I prefer classical cards in the form of hearts. They look very gentle and cute.

  4. Very beautiful cards for such a romantic holiday! I like to give them to my friends.