Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Okay, That's Love Review

It's Okay, That's Love is going down as one of the best Kdramas in 2014. Do you agree? I do. I most definitely do. 

But first, here is my spoiler-free review for those who haven't marathoned the 16-episode show.

Read on to see why I loved this show SO much.... Oh yeah... there are spoilers past this point.

Okay, let me be honest with you all. I really wasn't that interested in watching this show when I first heard the "buzz" around it. What "buzz" am I talking about? The Sex Buzz. That's right, before I ever watched this show I caught wind of how sexy it was. How it talked openly and portrayed sex in the Kdrama realm. And I didn't like it. Even though people were saying it was amazing, I wasn't interested in the least bit at viewing it. The reason why I flocked to Kdrama in the first place was that it lacked the sexual over-exposure that American TV has. Not that I hate sex-scenes or stuff like that. I hate how overly sexual everything is here(WB/CW I am looking at you). I want a tasteful fade-to-black scene and not needless humping. I want to be able to watch my shows with others and not cringe.  Okay I will take some shirtless scenes... but no grinding! There should never be grinding.... Unless someone is making hamburger. And if I have to see an ass on basic cable, I will flip a fucking table.
So what made me change my mind? A friend. My friend Regina, started watching it and told me it was nice to watch a show be this open. Especially a Kdrama. She also squashed my unrealistic fears towards the drama and I dived in.

From the first episode I was hooked. 

This show is sexy in a classy way. It is smart. It is realistic. I was thrilled to see some humor thrown in when it came to all the scenes regarding sex, masturbation and romance. It was really... dare I say it, refreshing. The writers managed to sweep you away with a great plot that always managed to catch your breath at a moments notice.

This drama is the best drama of 2014 for three reasons: the plot, the acting and the soundtrack.

The plot is complex and new.  Real to the point where after each episode you really feel exhausted.  The writers and acting team portray a vivid psychology driven reality that is absolutely feasible. For this reason alone I was on  edge the whole time. Everything from dealing with Torrets to social phobias to personal anxieties was right there on a plate, for you to devour with horrid delight. 

You never really now what's going to happen to the main leads...  You never really now how everything  is going to play out. And that leaves you open to endless possibilities and making this series seem realer than any other dramas I have ever watched. If you guys have watched a drama that hits this close to reality, please tell me more about it.

I never saw that mind-numbing twist coming. Not once. At the end of that episode I just sat there staring blankly at the screen...mumbling.... I rewatched that episode just to be sure of what I saw before I went on. "Yup.. That little dude isn't real". I immediately remember telling myself... "well, this drama can play out however they want it to". My predestined imaginings were blown out of the water. That is what made this show brilliant. The writers honestly had us in the palm of their hands. Manipulating our emotions and twisting our beliefs.

And I fucking loved it!

I want more writing like this in dramas. I want "Oscar Worthy" moments paired with acting that is on par with anything Meryl has ever done. And speaking of acting.... I can't even begin to breakdown the beautiful emotion played by Gong Hyo-jin. How her character has to come to terms with the destruction of the first man she has ever loved, was beyond me. And she did it all with a broken arm! Wow!  The effortless style of Giraffe who surprised me with his ease, confidence and just sheer talent. Just think, that talent has been just sitting around doing Running Man(I do love Running Man but I want to see more from him). I see huge things in his future. Last but certainly not least, are the two leads..... Jo In-sung and Do Kyung-so. The bromance, their triumphs and their relationship being torn apart will forever be etched in my mind as one of the worst and the best relationships I have ever seen played out on screen. In-sung was phenomenal with his breakdowns and his subtleties. He knew when to whisper, when to yell, when to cry, when to be stoic and it was all.... perfection.

But the biggest character and most influential part of the plot, acting and emotional rollercoaster of It's Okay, That's Love was the soundtrack. This has to be one of the best OSTs out there. Every single song is great. The mix of Western music with Korean music is so well done, it seems seamless. The fact that Jo In-sung's character is a DJ and plays songs according to emotion or what he is going through helps drive home the fact that the soundtrack is vital to the entire drama.

So enjoy it. Relive the memories and let's hope that somewhere, some executive is reading this and taking note that fans do indeed want more surprises like It's Okay, That's Love. That we all long for flawless acting, dramatically-different-thinking story-lines and beautiful melodies that complete the dialogue.....even when no one is speaking.

Kdrama On.


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