Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'll Just Put This Here....

Hello All!

As I slave away editing videos for you guys this weekend... I thought I would share some videos I have made of my journeys in the past year. Not so much journeys as they are spoofs of popular TV Series intros featuring me and my BFF Amanda. We have set a personal goal to travel to some fun destinations together in the future. Just in 2014 alone I got to see San Fransisco and NYC with her. The trips are always a blast, but the spoofs/parodies, to me, make the best souvenirs. 

We are, at least right now, trying to decide where our next journey will be. It may be out of the country too! So if you guys have some great ideas.. I would love to hear them. Tell me what you think about the videos too.

Both of these videos were shot using just my Samsung Galaxay S5 completely on site.
We couldn't find a good uncle Jesse.... Hahaah And did you know that they used two separate houses for the exterior shots on the show? When I am in front of the car... that is the one used for all the segways between scenes. 

We decided on Mad About You over Friends and Sex and The City. The Friends intro was shot almost all in California.. And I don't do sexy, I'll leave that to SJP...... Hahahaha
And look forward to some new videos from me coming up, including my NYC Trip, CES2014 and of course more Kdrama reviews! I am such a busy bee. Bzzzzzzzzz zzzz

Have a great weekend!

Kdrama On!


  1. I especially like the full house one, the swing around with the camera looks like fun. but that nyc shot with the bull, that was funny. I'm in ny and see people, tourists I suppose, posing right beneath the bull's butt, I just don't get the allure, seriously, it's just weird. fun videos though!

    hope you have a great day.

    1. Awe thanks for watching and thank you for the comment! Hahahaha. Yeah that bull shot.. We did that right in front of the cops that were guarding it. They laughed, because well.. how often do you seen anyone do that besides some kids or men. Hahahahaha.... I hope you have a great day too Lissa!