Thursday, January 15, 2015

America's Top 25 Most Played Kpop Videos of 2014

I recently came across an awesome article, explaining that Kpop is even bigger in America this year, than in every other year before now. Talk about WOW.  I know that 2014 was the year I started to fall in love with Kpop, I guess everyone else was doing the same too. Before that I only really and truly listened to the soundtracks from my favorite Korean Dramas. 

But what happened and what tends to happen is you research a series that has nabbed your heart. You discover that the star playing the Second Male Lead is a singer too. Then you Google music videos. You love the first one, watch more and then before you know it, you find yourself making entire playlists on Spotify and Youtube of your favorite Kpop hits from God knows what year... because to you everything is new. Imagine my horror when I found out that Big Bang hasn't released a new Korean album in more than 6 years! Or that most of the songs I enjoy are more than 2 years old. I am glad that America is catching the Kpop Love Bug. We are being smart and up to date about it too. Unlike me. Haha

Here they are in all their glory. Enjoy! Oh and I made a Youtube playlist for you as well.... I warned
you about my obsessing.
Top Viewed Kpop Music Videos of 2014 

Click here to watch the full playlist I created.

#25 B.A.P - 1004(Angel)
#24 EXO-M - Overdose
#23 Girl's Day - Darling
#22 2NE1 - Happy
#21 Orange Caramel - Catallena
#20 Taemin - Danger
#19 AOA - Miniskirt
#18 Soyou and Junggigo - Some (feat. Lil Boi of Geeks)
#17 GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls
#16 BTS - Boy in Luv
#15  Super Junior - Mamacita
#14 GOT7 - A
#13 SISTAR - Touch My Body
#12 Akdong Musician - 200%
#11 2NE1 - Gotta Be You
#10 Beast - Good Luck
#9 HIGH4 and IU - Not Spring, Love or Cherryblossoms
#8 f(x) - Red Light
#7 HyunA - Red
#6 2NE1 - Come Back Home
#5 Girls' Generation - Mr. Mr.
#4 Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips
#3 G-Dragon and Taeyang - Good Boy
#2 EXO-K - Overdose
#1 PSY - Hangover (feat. Snoop dogg)

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