Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dramafever Awards Need Your Vote!

That's right! This years Dramafever Awards ceremony will be on February 5th in NYC at the Hudson 

Going to be in NYC? Lucky bastard.... ahem.... I mean good for you. Color me green with envy. I would love to attend. I am pretty sure I would just cry the whole time, spotting all my favorite actresses and actors. And I haven't even thought about what I would wear either. Ugh! The stress levels would be high. So I will just have to count myself lucky that I can watch in my PJs at home, while sipping Soju and eating ramen.
In the meantime I will settle for voting for my favorite shows, actors and actresses.

What show do you think will win big? Who will you vote for as your favorite actor this year?

 What are you waiting for?
Go here to cast your votes:


  1. I am rather confused as to what they consider "this year". Do you know the time frames they are referencing?

    1. I think they are referencing Nov of last year to Nov of this year. I could be way off... Hahahahaha. I am assuming they use the same timeline as the Oscars and stuff. I hope that helps make it a little less confusing.