Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Memebox Unboxing: Superbox #66 TonyMoly

This weeks Memebox is a long time coming. I forgot I even ordered it... but then when I signed the DHL paperwork I remembered that this was the TonyMoly box. I squealed. Out loud. For real.

Each Memebox comes with a description card like the one below. This is because each product is in full Korean, this card will help you know what to do with each product you receive. So don't toss it out.
Product #1: TonyMoly Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap
retails for $9
This 5 in 1 soap is made to deliver moisture to your skin. It is made from eggs soaked in vinegar for up to two weeks. This soap doesn't smell like eggs and definitely deep cleanses your skin. I am not really sure if there is a difference in the two colors. They both seem to work the same.
Product #2: TonyMoly Delight Tint Crayon Neon
retails for $8
You were randomly given one of three color options. I got Neon Orange. It is more on the clear side and works like a lip balm. It says it glows in the dark under blacklight... I have yet to try that out. Should make Glow Bowling fun.
  Product #3: TonyMoly Back Gel Liner with Long Brush
retails for $10
I was given one of 6 random colors. I received yet another brown liner. But this one I like. It's easy to create a cat-eye... I just wish I had received the Pearl Black or even the Grey Brown option. As far as I can tell this gel liner is smooth, it is water resistant.. but NOT smudge resistant. My allergy-ridden eyes were watering. So I dabbed my liner... smudge-smudge. Boo. However, I love that the brush tucks away in the top of the container.
Product #4: TonyMoly Luminous Goddess Aura Beam
retails for $16
This stuff is a gel with little opalescent pieces floating in it. It is super creamy.. kinda of like Vaseline. And smells heavenly. It is said to give you the "Korean Glow" and helps to minimize the look of imperfections on your skin. I have been using it under my BB cream and it really does moisturize. A LOT. I was even told that I was glowing the few days I have worn it. I would think this stuff would keep you from getting wind chapped on your face if you live in cold windy areas. 
Product #5: TonyMoly Mini Peach Lip Balm
retails for $7
How cute is this lipgloss? And it smells just like a real peach!  It contains Shea butter and absorbs into your lips almost as soon as you apply it. So if your lips are dry but you hate sticky wet gloss... this is perfect for you. I personally love the wet gloss stuff. And I despise pot of gloss that you have to stick your finger into. With cold season around the corner, remember to toss this if you get a cold. 
Product #6: TonyMoly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream
retails for $12
You guys.. this stuff is my favorite of the whole box! This cream says it brightens your skin, locks in moisture and evens out your skin by helping correct imperfections. And it isn't lying. This stuff smells amazing. It goes onto the skin smoothly and it isn't heavy at all. It instantly brightens/whitens the skin on your face and neck. I personally think this stuff helps my makeup stick better and evens out the redness I have on my face. I will be most definitely doing a separate review for this one because I could talk about it forever.   
Product #7: TonyMoly Apple Tox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream
retails for $11
This stuff is really weird, but really amazing all at the same time. First, it doesn't smell like apples. Second, it  contains tons of stuff like vitamins A,B1 and C. There is even AHA and papaya extracts to help nourish your skin. But what makes it crazy.... is how it works. You start with a clean dry face. Run some of this cream onto your face and neck. Wait 10-30 seconds then gently rub your face and neck. Your dead skin peels away and balls up. Then your rinse your face! All the moisture from the cream stays put.. but all your old dead skin is gone. This stuff is too much fun. I am currently on a mission to make my friends all try this stuff.
This Memebox what awesome! I spent around $32 dollars for it and was gifted with $72 worth of amazing stuff.

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  1. You know I don't wear make up but I want to try about 3 of the products you talked about here. :)