Thursday, November 6, 2014

Love Cells: Episode 1

Are you guys watching Love Cells? It is a new Kdrama that is only 10 minutes per episode. It is an exclusive that is being released through Dramafever alone. 
Oh yeah, the best part: Kim Woo Bin.

Here is what Dramafever says about the storyline:
Dae Choong (Park Sun Ho) is downright unlucky in love, until he crosses paths with a magical cat named Navi (Kim Yoo Jung), whose "love cells" can transform anyone into a leading hero. Under the guidance of Navi, Dae Choong develops his romantic prowess, but is the month-long crash course enough to score the kittenish pop-star Seo Rin (4Minute's Nam Ji Hyun)? Meanwhile, Dae Choong must also compete with Chun Ji Woon (Baek Sung Hyun), a handsome idol with the hots for Seo Rin.

Watch on and let me know what you think.

Kdrama On.

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