Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Cast of It's Okay, That's Love

Let's meet the cast and get to know where we may know them from, you know...

Jo In-sung as Jang Jae-yeol
In-sung plays the lively, talented, sometimes man-whoring Jang Jae-yeol. Jae-yeol is a famous author who started out as a romance writer who transitioned to thrillers and found his true calling. 

In real life In-sung jump-started his career as a clothing model in 1998 for Ziozia. look for him to star in more dramas... because I can already tell It's Okay, That's Love can only propel his career.

Spring Day 2005
That Winter, The Wind Blows 2013

The Classic 2003
A Dirty Carnival 2006
A Frozen Flower 2008

Gong Hyo-jin as Ji Hae-soo
Although she is best known for her role in the hit film Crush and Blush... us in Dramaland know her from the tons of dramas we love. She never seems to disappoint in her roles. And the role of Ji Hae-soo is no different.

She plays Ji Hae-soo, a psychologist in training who suffers from her own battles with sex. She is petrified of romantic touch and has severe panic attacks when her limits are pushed. Can the daring author she just met help her conquer her fears?

Master's Sun 2013
Pasta 2010

Boomerang Family 2013
Love Fiction 2010

Sung Dong-il as Jo Dong-min

Sung Dong-il is a talented actor, so talented that he started his career at an open audition in 1991. He was sweep up immediately for his wonderful acting ability and has been winning audiences over ever since. I know him the most from 200 Pound Beauty. Which if you haven't watched that yet... you can find it on both Netflix and Hulu. It made me seriously laugh out loud.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 2010
Reply 1997 2012
Iris 2 2013
Reply 1994 2013
Gap-dong 2014

The Grand Heist 2012
Mr. Go 2013
Elegant Lies 2014
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant 2014

Lee Kwang-soo as Park Soo-kwang

Giraffe, how do I start to describe my favorite Running Man character? He is incredibly funny and watching IOTL you may fall in love with him too. He can immediately go from super serious to a smiling, loving and heart melting goober. If you need one reason alone to watch this show, it's him.

He plays Park Soo-kwang who suffers from Tourette Syndrome. Even though he is shunned by his family and has trouble dating he refuses to let his illness affect his happiness.

City Hunter 2011
Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013
Potato Star 2013

All About My Wife 2012
Confession 2014

Do Kyung-soo as Han Kang-woo

Alright Kpop fans... You all know who this handsome devil is. You all probably also know that this drama is his very first acting role. Let me tell you... If you love him now.. you will love him even more after watching. So tune in. And if that isn;t enough... there are a ton of music videos on Youtube for you to persue through. I am talking EXO and the sub-group EXO-K. I recognized him the most from his cameo in To The Beautiful You. He is currently promoting his newest film Cart.

D.O. plays the lovable Kang-woo, a young boy who idolizes Jang Jae-yeol and wants to be a writer too someday.

If you guys would love to learn more about the secondary cast members, please let me know. Enjoy this series. Not only is it a lot of fun, it's sexy as hell.

Kdrama On.

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