Monday, October 20, 2014

Makeup Monday: Oh Sheet... Masks!

Sooooo I stumbled across yet another reason why my bank account is going to hate me. The good news... it is cheaper than other items I have been scooping up lately. The bad news... well there isn't really any bad news. 

Oh Sheet Mask is a subscription box service that lets you choose how many amazing masks you want delivered each month. You can opt for 10 masks a month for $23 or just 5 for $11.... The masks aren't just from Korea, they are from Japan, China and numerous others.

You already know I ordered this shiiiiiz... I will do a complete unboxing for you guys when it arrives. I just had to share this awesomeness with y'all so you can enjoy the possibilities too. 

Peruse their website here:

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  1. I'm curious about these and I look forward to your review once you have them and have tried them out.