Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Are You Watching?

Have you ever had a couple of weeks where you are crazy busy or just exhausted from everything? Me too. But no matter what I still make time for my Kdrama! I know sometimes it is impossible to keep on top of things... But somehow we all manage. I forgo a little sleep to get caught up before work... I have even watched via an iPad while running on the treadmill. My favorite time to watch is while my boyfriend is playing video games right beside me. I was super happy when Destiny was released for the PS4. Hahahaha
This is how you will normally find me: Deep in the couch, blanket wrapped with head phones on, iPad in a GoGo Pillow  totally engrossed in drama.

What about you? How do you keep up with your dramas?

Right now I am keeping up with most (and I stress most) of the currently airing dramas, Hahahaha. 

The dramas I am currently watching:

Now that you know what I am watching... I wanna know what you are watching! Please do tell. And if any of you are watching My Secret Hotel... spill the beans. I am waiting to marathon it. Is it any good?


  1. In bed at night after a long day of doing everything else to keep body and soul together. Currently watching The Three Musketeers and Tamna the Island.

  2. I'm watching Blade Man, My Lovable Girl, and that is it for dramas running right now. I'm about to start Boarding House NO. 24 and I'm thinking about marathoning Scent of a Woman this weekend since I haven't seen it yet. I live in a very busy house so I love my headphones.

    1. Headphones are the best. I have heard that Scent of a Woman is amazing.... Please let me know what you think. As for being busy... I feel ya. Being an adult blows sometimes.