Monday, September 8, 2014

Memebox Unboxing: Superbox #35 Fermented Cosmetics 2

If Kimchi is a superfood just imagine what a little fermented goodness can do for your skin! The theme of this Memebox is all about unlocking the beautiful dewy skin you have always dreamed of. The products chosen are safe enough for sensitive skin and are great for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. 
This box retails for $32 with a fee of $6.99 for shipping.

Here is the card that explains what each product is. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY. Unless you are fluent in Korean, because each product will only have 95% Korean on it. 
Product #1: cotterang Panda Eye Essence Mask 
(retails for $9)
Made with pure vitamin C and E with fermented elements from honey, beans, mistletoe, licorice and bacillus. These eye pacts help improve skin tone and elasticity.
Product #2: DERMAHOUSE Galactomyces Wrinkle Care Essence Mask (retails for $2)
Made with a whole bottle of Galactomyces and Adenosine for each mask, it's rich complex helps moisturize, brighten and tighten your skin.
Product #3: The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream (retails for $19)
This rich facial cream contains fermented Galactomyces extracts to help replenish stressed out skin and speed up the recovery process. The end result will be a healthier complexion with more elasticity.

Product #4: SOY BIO+ Fermented Soap 
(retails for $42)
Made from fermented bean extracts, this soap is praised for it's gentle yet great cleansing power. Not only does it remove makeup, it does so without removing moisture from the skin. Leaving your complexion brighter after use.

Product #5: cotterang Romen & Juliet Pore tightening Serum 
(retails for $42)
This Pore Tightening Serum is made to help soothe, moisturize and treat large and clogged pores. It does this with a blend of witch-hazel, chamomile, gallnuts, menthol and cinnamon extracts.

Product #6: Tosowoong Time Shift Skin Toner 
(retails for 34)
This toner contains Galactomyces ferments, snail mucus extracts and Bifida ferments. It not only helps get moisture to the deep tissue of your skin, but it also creates a protective top layer to fight free radicals. 

Product #7: cotterang Aesthetic Reparative-K Cream 
(retails for $43)
This cream helps stimulate the skin for repair. It is packed with centella asatica extracts, jojoba oil and even gold extracts to help calm reddened skin and speed up the repair process.

Product #8: BOSCIANS Cycle Repair Whitening Spot 
( retails for $43)
This cream is made of fermented extracts and hyaluronic acids. It speeds up the repair cycle of your skin to fight and smooth wrinkles. 

All and all this box was a bargain! If you add up the value of each product.... For just $32 dollars and a little patience I received $215 worth of Korean beauty products to try whenever I want. You simply can not beat that.


  1. Snail mucous? You just got slimed!! Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Yeah, it sounds gross, but it is supposed to do wonders for the skin. Hahahahaaha

  2. I'd like to know who farms these snails and harvests the slime. There are so many possible jokes!

    1. I know?! How on earth do you become a snail farmer?