Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Master's Sun Review

Have you seen Master's Sun? If you are interested in watching it or curious as to my thoughts but have never seen the show, watch my spoiler-free review below. I like doing spoiler-free reviews to help you out. Then once you have watched it you have a place to come back to to see what I thought about the show. Convenient right?

Master's Sun Video Review 

If you HAVE seen Master's Sun continue on to a SPOILERTASTIC review of what i thought and loved about the show.

If you have been thinking about checking out Master's Sun it really is no wonder. I mean who can resist a good ghost-tale? With shows like Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and even Teen Wolf gracing television sets across the US it is no wonder that supernatural shows are becoming more and more popular. So I for one am glad that Master's Sun may have been influenced by some crappy uber popular American TV shows and books.And that is where the similarities end..

The story behind Master's Sun is truly compelling thanks in part to the mysteries sprinkled throughout it. So under the scary premise and romantic under-layers you have a true fantasy genre murder mystery/ hero saga. We never really learn the true cause of Joo Joong-won's kidnapping until the very end. Or what happened with his first love. We also don't discover the origin story to  Tae Gong-shil's ability until the very end. Tie those incredibly intriguing tales to some weekly ghost stories that gets summed up in every episode and you have a real winner. I can tell that they were paying attention to classic producers like Steven Spielberg with their slow reveal of the storyline. Each episode was a pleasure to look forward to.

The depth of the plot and the acting throughout this show were really well done. Hyo-jin is a wonderful actress. Considering I am watching her in It's Okay, That's Love right this moment, I could be bias. But as Tae Gong-shil she is almost unrecognizable. Her mannerisms are subtle, more faun like and she is always a mess. Which she should be... with almost no sleep for, like ever, or something. So Ji-sub is uncanny in his astuteness as Joong-won. His stern face can be an iron rock one minute and completely alive with emotion the next. It was a wonderful performance by Ji-sub who shows this character slowly warm to another person who desperately needs him. While Hyo-jin perfectly mirrors him with her portrayal of a woman who is strong, but needs a shoulder every once and awhile.

For every scene that pulled at your heart the writers did a great job of lifting you up from out of the depths. So after the horrible tear-jerking "ghost dog" scene, you had the salvation you needed from a deep sadness that could have otherwise left you listening to REMs Everybody Hurts on repeat.

The humorous moments for me though, where all shaded by the wonderful sight of drunk Tae Gong-shil. Hyo-jin playing a baby, a cat, a pissy ballerina and numerous others was a true delight. I will be keeping the face that Joo Jooong-won made in my mind for a long time. It really does help cure terrible Monday Blues.

What I will take away from this show is the wonderful sense of strength that was portrayed by Tae Gong-sil. It was the whole attitude of: She don't need no man to take care her. I loved that she walked away from love to figure out her own shit. In Kdrama-land (not to mention Hollywood) a lot of heroines leave their self-fulfillment behind them and carry their baggage with them to be with the guys they love. Not her! And good for her. I love that she put herself before anything else or anyone else. I am so tired of women being "rescued" in shows and movies. This show was great at presenting a women battling hard times, loneliness, pain and even money woes, head on. She took what was handed to her with stride and bags under her eyes. Figuring out her own story, and why she is who she is, was the best way to help this drama end. 

Don't get me wrong I would have loved to see her swept up in Joong-won arms. But even better, she can now love him completely, with her reassured heart, because she knows exactly who she is. She knew this when she decided to leave, which is why she walked away from Joong-won when she did. He deserved the whole package, not the partially put together lady she was. 

So thank you writers for a building an amazing character that had faults, desires and a touch of badassness. You could easily swap the sexes of the two main characters and the plot would still work. That I think is what I loved the most about Master's Sun.

I hope that you enjoyed Master's Sun as much as I did. If you have any questions feel free to ask me below or email me!


  1. I really enjoyed Master's Sun and maybe when I get some hours, I will rewatch it. I like supernatural stories anyway so this is a favorite.
    My favorite parts was where she was in his apartment and possessed by various and sundry spirits. His initial reaction at the beginning of the series is offset humorously by his reaction at the end of the series and tied the two ends together well. The writers did a good job on that. The second-lead syndrome comes into play once again in this show, but this one seemed to play well better than in other shows, considering Kang Woo's aversion to her ability. This was a good serial with an over-all story arc that incorporated "a case of the week" in each episode. That in itself made it different from many other KDramas I have watched which are continuations from episode to episode.
    There were so many scenes and so many parts to this movie that were just so fun to watch especially when he was finally convinced of her ability and became more interested in the people she saw. Her interactions with the ghosts developed over the series and you became as much interested in the ghosts' stories as you did hers.

    1. i completely agree. I too way swayed at one point for Kang Woo. But his fear helped me eliminate him. Besides the chemistry he had we Ti-ryung was awesome. Even though he kept pushing her aside, I still loved it. It was a really good show. I am glad I am not alone in that.

  2. I love this show and the ending was better than most kdramas. let me just say that I really like the lead character's nickname - 'Big Sun' - which in korean is Tae-Yeon (?) (I never could spell the names correctly), this is where the name Master's Sun came from. I just notice how in kdramas, the leads names gets said so much that I always end up remembering it.

    first, I didn't care for the twins storyline - it just seems like they just extend it far too long. I like knowing about Joong-won and his younger self but the twin that survived, well, she just didn't do anything - she mostly just get seen by Joong-won and other people and that was that. why didn't she stay away when she got the chance? why come back just to get arrested? her reasoning is just lame & I keep confusing which twin is which.

    also, there was a scene near the end where Joong-won cried after Tae Gong-sil decides to leave him. we only get to see his back and when he bends his head and cover his eyes with his hand, you know he's crying and yet, I just wonder why they didn't show his face then. it was such a light, subtle scene and yet, it was effective but I still wonder why his face should be hidden. we see him mostly with such self-control and sometimes angry expressions, I guess I just want see that side of him - the uncontrolled-face that we associates with heart-break and sorrow. seeing how we often see men and women cried in kdramas without any self-control, it just seems a rather noticeable choice.

    the leads having such great chemistry also made the show so much fun to watch, although, I was a bit freaked out by the scary ghosts but that's nothing to fuss about.

    Master's Sun is such a great show, I almost wished it was longer. I repeat watch all the fun scenes where Tae Gong-sil is drunk and possessed by ghosts and Joon-won reacts to them - they're just such fun scenes.

    now if only So Ji-sub would do more comedies. I saw his other show - I'm sorry, I love you - it was just so sad. I prefer to see the more comical side of So Ji-sub.

    anyway, that's my thoughts on the show.

    hope you have a great day.

    1. I agree with everything you listed and more. I didn't understand the twin coming back either. It was really strange but the rest of the show was so awesome that I didn't really care about that plot hole. I guess evil does what evil wants. Hahahaha. As for the crying scene. I loved that they didn't show his face. He maintained strict control over his heartache the way his character should. To me it seemed like he hid it for his own sake, because he knew that Gong-shil was leaving for a good reason. So letting her even see a glimpse of him lose it, would have made her stay. I like to think he knew she should go, even though he wasn't happy about it. thanks for the comment!