Monday, September 1, 2014

Makeup Monday: Laniege BB Cushion

The cushion is the hottest beauty trend to come out of South Korea. And the Laniege BB Cushion is no different. Their website boasts that they sell a compact every 10 seconds. With the skin of every drama star as their clientele, it is easy to see why people are flocking in droves to stores and on online to acquire it. So getting my hands on one was gonna happen. Because as you know I am obsessed with all things Drama/Korean related. 

Target is where to find this product, since becoming the only US retailer to carry the Laniege line, I am sure they are baffled as to why they can't keep their shelves stocked. As a matter of fact, I had trouble finding one. Every Target within the Las Vegas area carries the line, but almost none had the Cushion in stock. I luckily came across the last of the color for my skin tone at my closest Target. You can imagine how happy I was! It was literally the last one on the shelf. But if all elese fails, you can visit to get one too. I just didn't want to wait to get it. I wanted ASAP.

When you open the box, you receive all you see here. The aluminum packaging is an extra cushion! So for $34 dollars you get two!
 Each compact comes with a sponge.
From other beauty blogs I found out that the sponge is best used like this. 
I love that there is like a "trap door" to protect the actual BB cushion from touching your sponge the whole time. 
Sealed for freshness!
My first peek at the good stuff. 
There it is in all of it's beauty! I was really concerned about how dark it looked. Considering this the the lightest shade they make. 
But there was no need to worry. It was very light. This is just one push on the cushion. The fragrance it contains is light and smells clean. 
You use the sponge to pat the BB liquid into your skin. No rubbing! Gently pat and pat to blend. In the photo below I have applied it to just one side of my face. Which is the right side. You can tell it looks very natural and covers well. It even covered the redness from my glasses. You can see the redness on the left side of my nose is still bright. 
My skin up close on the bare side. You can see all my freckles, pores and even viens. Yikes. 
 This is the side with the BB Cushion applied. You can still se my skin, which I like, but the imperfections are gone. I look like I don't have on makeup... Although you can see that I will still need a concealer or another coat over that emerging zit! 
Here are some shots of the box. So you can read the ingredients, the benefits of the product and anything else. 
The BB cream is very light, It feels as though you aren't really wearing any makeup. It is also very moisturizing. So moisturizing in fact that, if I put on my normal moisturizer before putting this on, my face felt sticky. So for the past week I have only been wearing this on my face to work with my other makeup. I  also needed to reapply the cream under my eyes around lunch for a refresher. Other than that the coverage lasted at least 16 hours. From about 7am when I put it on till 10pm when I would wash it off before bed. 

I did that putting powder over top of this product really covers. I didn't like the heavy coverage of the combination of powder and cream. But... if you need full coverage I would use this and then use a powder you really love. 

The cream itself if really cooling. So if your skin has been a dry irritated mess. I think you would benefit from it. The cooling sensation really soothes. I have really sensitive skin and this product didn't make my eyes run or my skin react in any manner. 

The best part about this product if the SPF50. I know that my face is protected. And that makes me super happy. All and all, I will continue to use it. I have shown it to all my friends. They all seemed intrigued. 

The best part? Someone asked me what I was doing different because I looked "more youthful". So yeah, the cushion is a keeper. 


  1. Unfortunately, my nearest Target doesn't carry any of the Laneige.

  2. Good product review but if you look like that without make-up why are you bothering to apply it at all?

    1. Awe, you are sweet! I like wearing makeup, it makes my skin look more even and less pink.