Friday, September 26, 2014

Kdrama Inspired Cocktails: Binge-watching Brew

That's right... Just by the title alone you can understand where I am going with this weeks drink. It is Friday...  We don't have to work tomorrow, we have no responsibilities that can't wait till Sunday... Let's marathon a drama! But wait.... I am super stressing about (insert work/school related issue).

I have you covered. This concoction is going to ease those taught muscles and help you stay awake to finish or start another show. Hell yeah!
Binge-watching Butter Brew

For this drink you will need:
1 Oz. Bailey's Irish Creme
1 Oz. Butterscotch Schnapps 

8 -  12 Oz. Either hot or iced coffee

Mix together and enjoy. 

Or if you are like me....  Load up for the whole night. 


  1. Yes! I do believe we have all of these things. Now I just need to settle on a drama to marathon.