Friday, September 5, 2014

Kdrama Inspired Cocktails: The Exorcist

The drink for today is inspired by the drunken possession of Tae Gong-shil in Master's Sun. Not that this beverage will cause you to act like a cat, scream for ice cream or dance like a ballerina. It will however help dissolve any negativity around you, much like the touch of Jo Joong-won's hand.

The Exorcist
What you will need
1 1/2 oz Teq.
Any tequila will do, just pick one you favor. Or if you are anything like me: whatever happens to be on sale.

 3/4 oz Blue caracao
I love the Dekuyper brand. Not only is it easy to find, but it is usually priced really well.
 3/4 oz lime juice
You can use real lime if you want to, even lemon if you've got it. I never have any fresh produce in my house. I tend to forget that I bought it and then weeks later I find a large orange raisin that used to be a grapefruit. So I stick with the bottled stuff.
Place all ingredients into a mixer with ice(if you have don't have one see what I use by clicking here), pour into your best presentation glass and enjoy. My best presentation glass is a coffee mug. I know you can do better.

 That's it, now you have the perfect beverage for watching Master's Sun! Don't forget the Ouija board.

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