Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Cast of Nail Shop Paris

Need some beautiful men to paint your nails into polished perfection? I thought so. Let's get to know the cast of Nail Shop Paris.

Park Gyu-ri as Hong Yeo-Joo

If Gyu-ri looks familiar to you, then you listen to K-pop. More importantly you listen to girl group Kara. Hell, she even came up with the bands name. It comes from the Greek word "chara' which means beautiful melody. 
She has also starred in the stage production of 200 Pound Beauty as well. Talk about a talented lady!


Check her out in this music video(she's blonde)
Kara - Jumping
Jun Ji-hoo as Alex

Ji-hoo is very new to the acting world. Which surprised me a lot more than I will let on. Can you believe he made his debut as eye-candy in a music video? 2ne1 knows a good thing when they see it! He has since been acting in movies and dramas alike. He starred in Heaven is Only Open to the Single and is currently aggressively pursuing more and more work.

New Tales of the Gisaeng 2011

See if you can spot him!
2ne1 - I Don't Care
Song Jae-rim as Kay
Alright ladies and gentlemen.. let's just take a second to stare at this picture of Jae-rim. If you had told me that this was Kay from NSP, I wouldn't have believed you. But it is! He is so pretty! I have to say I am not a fan of his style on the show, but this.... this to the left... I am a huge fan of! 

Jae-rim has starred in plenty of films. Which is no wonder, I bet that face looks good staring back at you on a silver screen. A few of his most notable movies are Salmon, The Tunnel and The Suspect.

Surplus Princess aka the Mermaid Drama 2014
Big Man 2014
Two Weeks 2013
Flower Boy Ramen Shop 2011

Cheon Dung as Jin

Dung plays the cutest and sweetest character of the show, Jin. He really doesn't have to work so hard at being sheer perfection on screen, he has had practice. He is a member of MBLAQ and his older sister is Sandara Park from 2ne1.

I'm telling you 2ne1 has their influence all over this show. I mean do you think it was fate that lead Ji-hoo here to meet the guy who is in his sisters MV? 

Padam padam 2012

Watch him with his group MBLAQ (he has pink hair).
MBLAQ - Smoky Girl
Han So-Young as Kim Ji-soo

So-young stars as the very reliable BFF who tries to talk Yeo-Joo out of dressing up like a man. I mean, seriously, wouldn't you? 
Not only is she adorable in this drama but she is in one of the most talked about upcoming dramas of this year... Surplus Mermaid or The Mermaid Drama. Look for her playing the role of Deputy So. I know I will.

Kin Chae-yeon as Keum Mi-Ryeo

Chae-yeon is a wonderful movie actress who is making her way into the world of dramas. She somehow can make the mysterious owner of the Nail Shop seem not too scary. Which shows she is skilled at the subtlety of portraying a character. You may recognize her from the film Break Out or even the movie Say Yes. Look for her in more dramas.

Fantasy Tower 2013
A Tale of Two Sisters 2013

Kdrama on my friends. Kdrama on.

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