Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nail Art to Inspire You (Nail Shop Paris Style)

Getting your nails did by Alex on NSP isn't possible, would you believe he is fictional.. but having a fantastic set of nails is... So find a screen shot of your favorite nail tech to stare at, sit back and scroll on!

Do you long for Kay to notice you? Do you love his stern yet sexy demeanor? How about a mustache mani to remind you of him on those dreary Mondays. Because his mustache is shear perfection.

Have you fallen head over heels over the cute sweet face of Bunny? His mysterious androgyny has literally side-swiped you, left you whip-lashed and wanting for more. Damn him and his beautiful innocent face. Did you know that Bunny is fascinated with Gumiho? Ward off evil spirits with the evil-eye mani.

Do you prefer blondes? No we are not talking about Marilyn, we are talking about super bubbly Jin. Does his honey hair long for you to smell it? Would you love to look deep into his eyes while sipping tea at the nail shop? If you love honey, sugar and all that is kawaii.. this bordered nail look is just for you.

Why the hell is Bunny always interrupting your moments at the salon? That little boy needs to stop interrupting your appointments and wasting your precious moments with Alex, your dream guy. You love the way he listens. You love to look into his eyes and know that he isn't just your nail tec, he is your soul mate and friend. Let him know that you would give him the moon with the half-moon mani.

I know what you're thinking... April how the eff am I going to paint my nails like this? My answer.. easy hacks. For those of us, including me, who may find the above tutorials a little out of their depth these easy ideas are much more effortless to try at home.
Scotch tape is your friend.
When in doubt use a water-based sharpie! Just draw to your heart's content.
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Don't forget to tell all your friends that your nail salon is Nail Shop Paris.
Kdrama on.

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