Monday, August 11, 2014

Make-up Monday: Aritaum Baby Face Mist

One good thing that has come out of my Korean Drama obsession is that my skin has never looked better. It's mainly because I stare at the skin of the drama stars and then Google what they use on their own faces. Facial-misters are used in a lot of shows. My first experience with seeing one was in Secret Garden. Do you remember this scene?
So I decided to try one out. I headed to Korean Town in Las Vegas with one of my friends and walked right into Amore Cosmetics. The staff there is so sweet. And they knew exactly what I was talking about.
I was recommended the Baby Face Mist by Aritaum. It comes in three different versions. One is a calming lavender, one is a tightening honey and the one pictured below is perfect for sensitive skin: Rose. I bought the Firming Honey Radiance for my Mom and my good friend Taylor bought the Smooth Radiance aka lavender for herself. I went with the Hydra Radiance which is rose.

The bottle is super cute and small. There are two sizes available too. I went with the small one in case I didn't like it, or that it broke me out.  Plus the bottle fits perfectly in my purse.

The wonderful girl at Amore gave me detailed instructions for the use of this spray. She told me:

1. Spray mist in a circular or side to side motion at least 8-10inches from your face.

 2. Do not breathe in the mist. Hold our breathe until the mist is done. 

3. You can spray the mist on bare skin.

4. You can use the mist as another step in your skincare routine. So before or after your normal moisturizer is fine. Even before your makeup.

5. For a dewy look, apply it after you have put on your make-up to set it.

And last but not least, she said that anytime my skin was dry or I felt that my skin looked tired I could mist then too.

Hydra Radiance (pink bottle)
Contains a Nano Hyaluronic Acid that plumps the skin with moisturizing results. The rose inside of it soothes tired skin and leaves your face moisturized.
Firming Honey Radiance (yellow bottle)
Firms the skin with Propolis, an extract that is derived from honey. It helps firm the skin and the sweet honey fragrance provides comfort.
Smooth Radiance (purple bottle)
Made for ultra dry skin, this spray helps restore moisture and the lavender soothes skin and dimishes redness.

I have to tell you, I was pretty excited about this spray. I want skin like Park Shin Hye... so I will try anything to get that perfect glowing skin.

The mist that comes out the can is super fine(it doesn't even show up in the photo I took above). It will not saturate your skin to death. It is light, airy and not heavy on fragrance. My boyfriend hates the smell of rose, and he has never once complained about my face being stinky.

I have been using this mist before bed, after I have washed my face and moisturized. I have used it on the days when I am bare-faced and want my skin to rest between all the stuff I slather on it. And I have used it as a setter after I put on my make-up.  It has been about a month since I first picked it up. I have noticed that the desert heat of Las Vegas isn't bothering my sensitive skin so much. I have also noticed that my skin looks a little plumper, which in turn is resulting in less fine lines. Score!

Will it work the same for you? Yes, if your skin type is similar to mine. I have dry sensitive skin that really isn't prone to break-outs. But I am sensitive to certain fragrances, they give me chemical burns or even rashes. And this mist did not do either of those.

My Mom, who doesn't mind being my guinea pig for cosmetics, loved her spray(which was the honey). She said it helped make her hot flashes a lot more bearable. Hahahahaha. I mean, to each their own. My Mom has dry skin and said that her skin felt softer after using it. She has already used all of hers. I will be shipping her more soon.

Taylor, my friend who picked up the lavender, loved her as well. She recently started a new skin care regimen using Accutane, and her doctor warned her that her skin would be dry. She went to her dermatologist today and he said her skin is reacting well, and it isn't as dry as he thought it would be. She thinks it is the spray that helped her. Although she did tell me she hates the fragrance. She said "it smells like old lady".

Looks like one of the easiest places to nab your own is Ebay. If you guys find another place, let me know.

Kdrama on, my friends.


  1. helo dear. could u show me the direct link or the exact ebay seller ur getting the mist from? bcz the packaging i saw online somehow is different from yours :( appreciate it! TQ!

    1. It is this one, the packaging is just different:

      And it is made by Amore Pacific, who offer this mister now..

      And if those are a little weird to you, this is a mister I am using right now... It is just as good and cheaper. It doesn't hurt that it is cute.

      Hope this helps! Thanks for commenting!

    2. thanks girl! i just find that the new one doesnt have rose scent anymore :( not sure if this is new packaging. but thanks for the recommendation! x

  2. oh, does the super collagen one makes ur face GLOW/ RADIANT like park shin ye? :D without a hint of oilyness?

    1. I can't guarantee that! Hahahahahaha... But I think it does. If only it made me look like Park Shin Hye. hahahahaha