Friday, August 22, 2014

Kdrama Inspired Cocktails: The Piggyback

I know I have done it, you have done done and everyone who has ever watched a Korean Drama has done it: dreamt of a chivalrous piggy-back ride. 
The Piggyback is the inspiration for this weeks sweet concoction. 

There are few things within the Kdrama-verse that incite more feels than a wonderful ride home on your Oppa. You have to have the right ingredients for a successful piggyback. There are never Second Male Leads giving piggybacks to the lead girl. There is a reason for that:  in order for it to work you have to have two important ingredients.One is a strong foundation and the other is a weaker element in need of help. The same applies with a drink. The base needs to be strong enough on it's own while the other ingredient relies on the base for support.

Here is what you'll need.
The Piggyback
One Shot of Raspberry Pucker

One Glass of New Belgium Peach Porch Lounger

You can either take the shot then drink the beer. Or pour the shot into the beer. Either way is absolutely delicious. The peach flavor of the beer is subtle and the raspberry from the shot helps mellow out the intense beer flavor. This gives you the end result: a sweet candy-like elixir.

Kdrama on.


  1. Hilarious- espousing alcohol with romance! hahaha! Thanks for giving this a nod! It reminds me of so many favorite moments in kdrama.

    And that thumbnail of coffee prince! Sheesh! I'm getting a sudden bout of nostalgia... makes me wanna drink!



    1. Anytime I think about Coffee Prince I get all warm and fuzzy. Cheers!