Friday, August 8, 2014

Kdrama Inspired Cocktails: Nail Shop Paris

Happy Friday! 
You have had a long hard week. The stress of the everyday has worn on you. The fact that you stayed up late this week to finish another drama really doesn't help. I have just what the doctor ordered.
A drink that will banish all of that evil. 

The Gumiho
Artwork courtesy of the talented akemi6002 at
Inspired by Nail Shop Paris the Gumiho is a dark mysterious concoction that is best served cold, like the Gumihos' heart.

What you'll need:
1oz. Dark Rum of your choice
(I prefer Kracken)

10oz. Stout Beer
(I prefer a chocolate stout)

Pour both into a frosted mug or glass. Sit back and relax. Kiss all those evil worries goodbye.
Kdrama on my friends.

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