Friday, August 29, 2014

Kdrama Inspired Cocktails: A Mermaid Potion

Are you watching Surplus Princess? I am. So far the show has completely blindsided me with its racy kisses, funny skits and the sheer whimsy of the plot. If you aren't watching it, I am going to go ahead and tell you that this show is going to be huge. I would at least watch episode 1.

In honor of this show-crush this week's Kdrama Inspired Cocktail flirts with the idea of a magical potion in the style of Surplus Princess aka The Mermaid.

Let's make a magical potion that will give you human legs! Wait a minute... we all already have human legs...  Would you believe me if I told you I have not been drinking?

How about a drink that is refreshing and will leave your head swimming? I'm in... Are you?

I am inspired by the magical potion Kim Ha-ni drinks to get human legs. It looks mysteriously refreshing. So I wanted something just as enchanting. Since she is new to our human ways, this drinks needs to be simple. It goes without saying that it should be tasty. And it also needs to be hydrating too, after all the Princess often finds herself super parched on dry land.

Here is what you'll need!

2 shots of Dekuypers Island Punch Pucker
3 shots of your choice of flavored water
I used coconut and the results were wonderfully yummy!
You can use more than five shots if you would like. My mix of 2 shots to 3 shots flavored water works good for any size beverage. For example if you want a double size, do 4 shots booze and 6 shots water... etc. Do it up, go crazy!
Take the ingredients and add them to a mixer with ice or make a mixer yourself.
 I use an insulated glass with a to-go coffee cup lid. It works perfectly. Besides who has time to shop for bartending accessories when you are watching drama?
Swish/shake/move to achieve your perfect amount of cold. 
Pour into desired glass. 
I chose a small glass that looks the most like the bottle on the show. You could even go to a hobby shop and pick up a fancy bottle if you want.
Drink up and wait for your true love to find you!

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