Friday, August 1, 2014

KCON Releases Full Detailed Schedule

Yesterday KCON made everyone's thursday a little brighter. You can now plan for every single panel, dance class and all the wonderful Kpop stuff that they have lined up.

If you were like me, you recieved an e-mail this Wednesday telling you that the schedule was up, only to go visit their website and see a list view of the schedule. I guess they realized that a list doesn't really show how the whole day is laid out. A display like the ones below allow you to really see your day at a quick glace.
I am so excited because this year there is more of a focus on Kdrama. Not only do you have stars like Yong Hwa from CNBlue headlining but you also have Lee Seung Gi attending as a special guest too. There are even panels that include Kdrama fashion, how Kdrama affects culture, and a discussion about strong female characters in Kdrama.

See the full list on their website. It is subject to change at anytime, so the ones I have posted above could not be true by next Friday. 
What panels do you plan on attending? And if you aren't able to make it, what would you want to see the most? What are the panels you would sit in on and why? 

Kdrama on my friends.


  1. Wow, that really looks like fun, more than what I was expecting. I would go to the cooking workshops and the Korean language panels.
    I am wondering what "How to Hallyu blog" is all about. Makeup, culture, style - those all interest me.
    The "second leads and second lead syndromes" panel made me laugh.
    "Why do Kdramas do that" and "Fan Art Workshop and Battle" also make me wonder what they are about.

    1. Same as me. I will be attending the Hallyu blog panel to see what they bring up. And the "why do Kdrama do that one as well.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I would go to anything about cooking, language, culture, fashion and makeup. There are a few things that would be interesting to find out what they are:
    Hallyu Culture Shock
    Kdrams world wide influence
    Why do KDramas do that?
    Hallyu media