Wednesday, August 6, 2014

KCON Program Book & Convention Map Released

I know you guys are probably so sick of hearing me talk about KCON, but it is this weekend... and I may not be able to keep myself from passing out. Plus the more information that we all have, the better we can plan for awesomeness.

The peeps at KCON have officially released their program book in digital form. So even if you aren't attending you can browse through and read up on everything. I think they did this so you can plan on attending next year. Then we can go together! Oh the memories we will share.
And if the book isn't enough here is a full map of the grounds. Read up on all the vendors in the program book too. I for one am pumped about all of the Korean themed food trucks and all of the K-beauty products. I even bought a new backpack for this occasion. Sad I know, but hey.. you never know what you will find and I like being over prepared.
See the full res version by clicking here.

If you are going to KCON, I want to hear from you! What day are you going? Who do you want to see the most?
And if you aren't attending what items would you look to buy at the market and what food would you wanna try out the most?

Kdrama on.

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