Sunday, July 13, 2014

You're Beautiful Review

Have you watched You're Beautiful? 

Well, if not, then I am pretty sure we can't be friends.

This drama speaks to me. It goes down as a hands-down classic in my Kdrama Notebook. Ok... so I don't have a Kdrama notebook. If I did it would be in a Criterion Collection with Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers.

Watch my quick video review to hear me talk about the show.
That's it! That is my review!

Did I miss anything? Were you hoping for a reference to another drama? Do you have a recommendation for me? I love recs!

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Happy viewing! 

 Here are some fun memes to keep you smiling as you move on to another drama.


  1. Loved You're Beautiful from beginning to end. My favorite PSH character, I loved how naive she was and funny too. Yong Hwa my favorite 2nd male lead and Jeremy. When Jeremy cried on the bus, I cried too!! Lol at the top meme w I th Yong Hwa in disguise.

    1. Cindy,
      PSH is so good at playing this character I tend to think she is this innocent in real life. Jeremy crying on the bus, broke my heart! Ugh... I sobbed like a baby. So good to hear from you!