Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today is the last day for you to enter and win!

Still haven't asked me a question... 
 You still have time... But the clock is ticking. 
This time tomorrow morning I will name the winner of my first ever Giveaway!
What will you win?
All five of the handmade brooches you see here, attached to an amazing Piggy Bunny tote.

And the bag contains two surprises!
Yesterday you learned what the first surprise was: the first three volumes of Hana-Kimi. The manga that To the Beautiful You is based on.
Are you ready for the final surprise?
It's a $25 Amazon Gift card!
 So now you can buy anything else that your K-drama addiction is in need of. 

To enter for your chance to win I just have to hear from you! And you just have to ask a question. 

You can comment below... or

Email me...



I hope to hear from you guys. All the questions I have received will be answered in a Q&A video. So ask away.

This contest is over! Sorry! Thank you for reading!

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