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To The Beautiful You Review

Where do I even begin with this one? 
I guess I can start by saying goodbye to some of the amazing characters. And goodbye to the actors that played them. I will truly miss Lettuce. He was so cute!
To the Beautiful You Video Review

As I mention in my video review this drama is based on the very popular Manga Hana Kimi. It is also the 4th version to be made into a show. From other reviews I have read the Japanese version is far superior to this rendition of the manga. If you have seen it... Please comment below. I would love to hear your take on this show vs that one. 

From the very first scene of this drama, you sort of get the hint that you aren't in for anything award winning. I mean... the english spoken by Jae-hee's friend let's you know right off the bat. You see Tae-joon about to jump his high jump and her American friend says something like "I heard that guy is Korean". I am serious. That really happened. And when it did, I laughed, but it got worse. Tae-joon sets a new high jump record and becomes the third gold medalist of those games. 
Then the VERY next scene, her friend is telling her "You don't have to do this". Jae-hee says"I gotta do this" as she chops off her hair. Do what? When? How? 

Yup, no explanation for you there. And they drag out the mystery of her backstory for a long time. If they had told us from the very beginning, we would have expected more from the show. Which is why I think they left it out. Wise moves guys, bravo.

So if you are looking for a well written, well-acted masterpiece... back away slowly and no one will ever know you were here. I promise. This show is strictly for those of us who love sweets. 

The storyline isn't very strong, some of the acting is a little terrible and even over the top at times. But what it lacks in genuine effort it makes up with it's super sweet cutesy-ness. This show is full of lovey-dovey moments that warm your heart, adorable dream sequences and of course hilarious circumstances. I understand that this sort of thing is for a select few. Which is why you have been warned. 

So to really enjoy this show, go into it with no serious expectations. Think of it as visual cotton-candy... It tastes good, it's fluffy but it really has no substance. It is a great show for you if you have been sobbing your eyes out over a melodrama or two or three. Or if you are tired of waiting for one half of your OTP to wake from a coma. 

The thing that really made me love this show is Cha Eun-gyeol. He is perfectly portrayed by Lee Hyun-woo. This character to me was so real I have had conversations with my good friend Mel, about getting our own Che Eun-gyeol. So you know, if you know where I can get a friend like him... please please comment below.

Here are the moments that made him the stand out in this show and my favorite part.(spoilers)

His social media updates. ALL of them.

 Any time he tried to reassert  his sexuality by being overly heterosexual.

 Every single dream sequence, ever. I love that Jae-hee has a goatee after they are married.

And of course.. THIS. I was crying laughing.

If you watched the show, I would love to hear from you. What was your favorite part? Who was your favorite characters? What do you think they could have done differently?

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