Friday, July 25, 2014

Kdrama Inspired Cocktails : The Cola Kiss

After watching this episode of Lie to Me, anyone in their right mind probably started shaking up every single bottle of cola they could find. Or at least all the bottles located near someone really cute. 

I can give you something even better to pucker up to! A couple of tasty beverages inspired by this scene. Because sometimes Kdrama can leave you completely parched.

Stolen Kiss
A shot for those of you who aren't ones to let a kiss linger on your lips.

1 oz. Coca Cola
 1 oz. Raspberry liquor
 1 oz. Amaretto
Add to a chilled shot glass and enjoy!

Sweet Cola Kiss
A warm, sweet and bubbly drink guaranteed to make your foot pop.

Cherries (as many as you want)

3 oz. Vodka (I love Whipped by Pinnacle)

Coca-cola to fill glass
Add all to a glass of your choice, don't forget ice to keep it cool... because things could heat up quickly.

Drink it up guys!