Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lie to Me Review

Have you seen Lie to Me?
You know the drill.... Let's review this shizz.

Lie to Me Video Review

Read on for a complete review including spoilers.....

Lie to me Spoiler-tastic review

So you've watched Lie to Me, or maybe you haven't and you just wanna learn what you were missing out on. As you can tell by my video review, it wasn't too awesome or too terrible. It was really a light-hearted little drama. But in the end, I think it is sorta of forgettable.

Why do I think it is forgettable? Don't get me wrong, there are some major scenes that really stand out. The opening scene with the bee attack, the cola kiss, the karaoke kiss.... and well that is really it. I am sure if you ask anyone who has watched this show, that will be all they can really remember. Whereas with an awesome show like Secret Garden or even City Hunter, you can remember just about every single twist and turn of the plot, who did what to whom, and so on.

The reason why this show isn't that memorable is that it follows a lot of the same formula as most shows. But where it follows that same formula it really lacks in originality. I love the chaebol-meets-everyday-girl plot. I practically live for it. This show has that going for it. It was just that besides the main characters, the depth of the show fell flat for me. The secondary couples storylines wasn't pushed enough. The character played by Sung Joon, wasn't used enough either. They pushed his entire storyline to the side. And from what people tell me of his role in I Need Romance 3, he is a great actor.

Also.. the last two whole episodes I could have done without. I understand that the character of Ah-Jung is a strong woman. She was confused by the need to rush everything and hurry and get married. Believe me, I have been there.... That scenario is fine... But stretching it into two full episodes was bullshit. I'm supposed to believe that they e-mailed and called each other on the phone for a whole month. I can't see that holding up for two reasons: Ki-joons aunt and Yun-Joo. Do you think either of those women would have backed away from Ki-joon for an entire month? Seriously?

Speaking of Yun-joo.... I hated her character and how weak she was. I understand she was hurt. That the love she had for Ki-Joon was strong and lasted for 3 whole years while she was in Paris. She waited, and wondered and wondered and waited, then came back to Korea and expected Ki-Joon to wrap his arms around her and break his brothers heart all over again. Talk about optimistic. I felt for her. She really wanted to be with Ki-Joon. Too bad he had already moved on. I felt for her heartache. But when she started to go to everyone(auntie, Ah-jun, her dad) BUT Ki-Joon, to get him back, was where I wanted to punch her in the face, pack her ass in a box and ship her back to Paris.

It didn't help that the actress made the same stupid face for every single emotion either. 
 I cut my foot Oppa. Let me make this face to show how hurt I am.
 I can tell you have feelings for Ah-Jung, oppa. Let me show you my heartache.
 My back is facing the camera, Oppa, but I am horribly upset.
 You just confessed to Ah-Jung that she will be the only one for you from now on, can't you see that pain written all over my face?
My heart is breaking into a million pieces, I can't breathe much less live anymore, how will I go on?

What would I have changed? I would have let the other couples on the show shine. The cute older-couple love triangle could have been funnier. More of that! More of Soo-ran and her husbands troubles so that the pregnancy would have been really, really embraced and rejoiced in the end. Finally I would have focused more on Sung Joon healing. I would have had a friendship with Yun-Joo blossom for the audience. That friendship would have lifted Sung Joons' character up. Made him want to be a better artist. I would have had him rely on Yun-Joo for help building his first gallery showing of his work. I would have had them kiss after he sold his first painting. Then I would have had him leave and go to Paris with her to explore his art. This romance would have allowed Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon to be together. His aunt would have grown to love Ah-Jung and her strength. Ki-Joon would have never felt the rush to get married and we would have just had a "skip-ahead" scene to a few months later at their wedding, ridding us of the craptastic last two episodes.

What did you think of the show? Am I crazy for thinking that way about the last two episodes? What would you have changed? Please let me know!


  1. You were spot-on when you said forgettable except for a few key scenes. When you started describing characters and plot points, I really had to think hard to remember them!

    1. I know right! Hahahaha I had to keep wiki-ing the characters names, and I just finished it.