Monday, July 14, 2014

I Got My Tickets For KCON 2014!

As you can tell by the countdown timer, I have been pumped for this years KCON for a while. So you can imagine how fast I jumped on ordering tickets ASAP.
(ignore the Ugg slippers)

If you haven't got your tickets yet, you are a smart one. Now the full line-up has been released, so you can choose who you want to see! 

They do offer bundle packages for both days of the CON. I opted for just Saturday. Let's be realistic... I have to budget myself. We all have bills to pay and things to do. You can judge me all you want, but I am positive that no matter where I end up sitting in the arena, I will scream just as loudly as I would have in the front row.

Buying a single day ticket gains you access to the concert for just one night, but allows you into the festival itself for both days. So for me, this just works better. Besides I have to drive back to Las Vegas right after all the fun I have early Sunday morning buying Girls Generation merchandise.
I wish I could!

Did you get your tickets? If so, I will will see you guys there. And if you happen to be in the nosebleeds, do not fret.... I will keep you company. 

KCON is almost here! You guys...
 I think I am having chest pains.....

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