Saturday, July 19, 2014

An Easy Way to Try Korean Beauty Products

You guys! I have discovered something that is making my inner Korean beauty-junky jump with joy!
Want to know more?

It is not a subscription box service. You don't receive just samples either. You receive at least 4 full-size products(the superbox is ALL full-size products) You can just pick and choose which box you want, or in my case NEED, and it ships to you straight from South Korea on its release date. They offer a couple of different type of boxes.

I have already purchased 4 boxes( 3 memeboxes and one lucky box). I expect to have them... sometime at the end of August. I know.. that is a long time to wait... but the release date for them is August 16th and they have to get all the way to Vegas from South Korea. Besides, I am super patient when it comes to gifts like this.

Here are some screen shots of the boxes they offer.

They even have specials for box pairings. Be sure to check out their site for more info!

I plan on filming an unboxing for each box I receive. So if you are hesitant, you can see what I get and save yourself the time and money. I am very willing to be your guinea pig when it comes to shopping for anything Korean.

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